Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prelude to Genting Trailblazer Challenge

With only a few more days to go, the Penguin Runners who will be representing The SUN newspaper in the Genting Trailblazer Challenge are all charged up for the challenges ahead. Let us hear from them what secrete training they are undergoing in order to be well-prepared for this event.

Team Penguin X

For the past weeks, Weng and Steven (Penguin-5) were embarking on seemingly commando style of training. They built up their stamina by running every evening: running up hills; running down hills; running up and down staircases. Yes, when it rains in the evening, running at the stairs in house countless times is in fact quite similar to the tough terrain challenge, minus the messy mud and water. It also helps the body on balancing when landing firmly on the undulating terrain.

Adding on to the intensity, Weng even ties two weight-bar belts to both his legs to run. He must have gotten the idea from watching the Shoaling Kung Fu movies in training action. Weng anticipates his trekking shoes (1.5kg each side when dry) will be much heavier after going through the streams and mud pit. With the weight belts on, Weng runs with almost 4kg heavier for each leg. As for Steven, besides running to build up his stamina, he also go to the gym to work out on his legs, stomach, knees, and arms.

Not only that, they also put on their thinking cap on the best outfits they should wear during the race. Knowing that they will go through a spectrum of challenges like steep hills, bushes, “lalang” field, slippery hill slopes, mud pit, etc., they have come out with specially designed outfits (not to be reviewed prematurely due to patent and copyright issue) which will “protect” them from getting cut and bruises, and from losing their shoes and shorts in the mud pit.

YES! Penguin X is all fired up and ready to conquer this year’s meaner and muddier Genting Trailblazer challenges on this coming Sunday, 3 September 2006.

By Steven

Please click here to view photos taken by Weng on The SUN Genting Trailblazer boot camp – on how they were selected.

Team Mountain 'O' Men

Both the experienced mountain guys, Tony (Penguin-3) and ChongYF, are now in the final stage of preparation for blazing the trails. Other than the usual training on stamina and endurance, Tony has added super fast running into his tough training regime. He represented RHB Bank and participated in the Inter-Bank Athletics Meet from 26-27 August specializing in 100-meter and 400-meter track events.

He was proud to announce that RHB Bank got second placing overall, and he secured second placing in the 4 x 100 meters relay and clocked in 12.7 seconds in the 100 meters, and 60 seconds in the 400 meters. What an achievement in the 100-meter event considering that his timing was only slightly behind the world-class record.

While Tony is busy on the plain, his partner Chong YK, was trekking up Gunung Tahan and conquered the peak on Monday 28 August. With the 4D3N endeavour, the toughness is almost equivalent – if not more – to taking the Genting Trailblazer Challenge albeit in slower motion with extended duration.

In order to be well-equipped with the wet, slippery, and tough terrain before race day, Tony has planed to trek Gunung Ansi in Seremban on Merdeka Day, 31 August with his group of trekkers and a few of the Trailblazer team members – just in time for the real challenge. Besides, raising the Jalur Gemilang (national flag) at the peak on that day would be an auspicious effort to show their patriotism.

YES! It is going to be a competitive and yet fun race for the Mountain 'O' Men with the youthful look and the young-at-heart minds.

By Tony

Edited by KC

Larian Merdeka & Mizuno Promo

Photos are by courtesy of Weng. Please click here to view 63 photos taken by Weng.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Training for Rat Race

I was awakening not by the sound of alarm clock but by the sound of pouring rain on Sunday 27 August at 5.30am. Oh No, Not again! The previous training back in a few months ago, we were always disturbed by the rain.

It spoiled my plan: park my car at Bukit Aman car park; run slowly to Bursa Malaysia Building, then practise running the 5km actual course at blistering pace; run slowly back to Bukit Aman car park in time to “KPC” (busybody) for the Mizuno special promotion at Bukit Aman car park.

I woke up at 8.30am and I felt guilty of not doing anything serious since I am supposed to train for the impending The EDGE Executive Rat Race. So, I decided to run alone at the nearby MPSJ (Subang Jaya Municipal Council) track and field area.
Filepix 2005 The EDGE Executive Rat Race

I have not been running for many days due to the evening rain. I was lucky not having stuck in the traffic jam enduring the flash flood. My body was feeling a little lethargic. I never like running at the track because one round is about 400 meters and it could be very monotonous running round and round.

When I reached the MPSJ field, they were quite a lot of people doing the Sunday morning aerobic exercise. The atmosphere was bustling with the lively dance music blaring from the two huge loudspeakers. 95% of them were ladies and a few men joined in the exercise while a few men were seen doing the exercise from a distance (I presume they were a little shy). As for yours truly, I just focus on my own running not distracted by the aerobic session and the beautiful girls around.

I ran slowly for the first 15 minutes. When I passed by the aerobic area, automatically, I would run at faster pace. I also don’t know why. That was the invincible motivation power to propel one to achieve greater heights.

The next half hour was a tough experience for me – speeding time. I would run at much faster speed and at times, ran as fast as I could; needless to say, you know which area of the field was for full throttle ahead. Running at fast pace was tough and the body always wanted to slow down or stop.

The next 15 minutes was for slow running as a warm down process. After the one-hour training run, I felt much better.

This coming Sunday 3 September, there would be the Genting Trailblazer Challenge and the Rat Race is only two days later – Tuesday, 5 September. I would be taking photos in the Trailblazer Challenge.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Appearing in The SUN and The EDGE

“Get The SUN newspaper and buy The EDGE magazine,” one of my running friends sent sms to me on Monday morning, 21 August. “Report is out on RHB Group’s participation in the Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2006.”

I managed to get a copy of The SUN newspaper and immediately, I started frantically flipping the pages. Yes, there was the story on Page 13. Though the photo was a little small, I could easily recognize it. Of course, with such a small-sized group photo, only Steven, Tony and I, where we will represent RHB Bank in this event, could recognize where we were standing.

Last week, the Penguin runners were excited over the participation in the coming Genting Trailblazer Challenge. So, this week, the topic was changed to The EDGE Kuala Lumpur Rat Race.

As for The EDGE magazine, I managed to buy a copy in the evening at a Shell petrol station in USJ after a few failed attempts at the newsstands.

Though the two reports were written by the same reporters (two young Chinese girls), the contents were better in The EDGE. It mentioned about corporate social responsibility which was most appropriate by any organization to contribute to charity for a good cause.

Well, running has a better meaning for me when running in this special event.


Monday, August 21, 2006

The EDGE Rat Race 2006

Yahoo! The once a year Executive Rat Race is back again on Tuesday 5 September. This is my favourite short distance race. It is a 5km charity race opens to all registered companies with Bursa Malaysia (formerly KLSC). Each team consists of five runners of executive or management ranking.

This race is unique as runners are required to run in smart office attire and the race starts at 5pm! Besides, this is the only race in Kuala Lumpur where there is a concentration of cheerleading teams cheering and supporting the runners. If your office is around the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, come and join in the fun.
With Malkeet Kaur, one of the Bank's runners in the Rat Race.

Other than running the Race, the fun moment is to meet some of the Pacesetters running friends there, in different running attire: May Ching will be representing Acenture Consulting; Mr. Khoo, Southern Bank; Mr. Yeo, BAT; and a few others.

The Champion Team

RHB Group has been the strongest supporter of The EDGE Executive Rat Race in 2005 by sending the biggest contingent of runners – 12 teams (60 runners). It was an honour for me as my team of five runners emerged as the Champion Team competing with the other 100 teams. According to the Management, RHB Bank would want to defend the Championship title this year and that request gave me a little pressure to run fast again.

Photo Session

On Thursday 17 August, Tony (P3), Steven (P5) and I went to RHB Centre for photo session. Yes, the three fast Penguin Runners will be representing RHB Bank in The EDGE Executive Rat Race 2006. From the number of participants, RHB Group will be sending a big contingent again.

Rehearsal on Actual Course

We went for a scheduled training run on actual course on Saturday 19 August, 8:00 a.m. starting at Bursa Malaysia building. I was there early at 7:30 a.m. and the first familiar person that I met was Mr. Mak, Vice President of Risk Management, of Bursa Malaysia who will represent his company in this race. He was warming up in preparation for his training run too on the actual course with his team of runners.

Tony, Steven and I were there together with other runners of management staff from RHB Group. Running in the morning was much favourable compare to running in the afternoon. It was not hot; with fewer vehicles, lesser exhaust fumes. At the start, I was running at fast but manageable and consistent pace. My lung seemed to be slightly at ease with the faster pace, thanks to the preceding many sessions of speed training on my own.

Filepix: 2005 Champion Team

I remembered last year that I ran so fast that I could feel my heart would pound right through my chest. The condition was made worst with the effect of hot afternoon sun.

To read The EDGE Executive Rat Race 2005 reports, please click September 2005 Achieve on the left sidebar of this KC&SR Web site.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Appearing in The SUN

I was excited to see the familiar group photo showing the six selected teams at the recent The SUN Genting Trailblazer boot camp. The SUN newspaper CityPlus page on Friday, 18 August with the title “Six to blaze trail for The SUN” caught my attention.

Immediately, I contacted Steven and Tony and inform the other Penguin runners. The four (Tony, ChongYF, Steven and Weng) later received congratulatory messages and praises from the other runners.

As representative of The SUN, the teams will be given the full run package, which is all paid for, including participation fee, accommodation and a jamboree camp fire dinner.

Since the four marathon runners are tough guys, Teams Mountain ‘O’ Men (Tony and Chong) and Penguin X (Steven and Weng) will be competing in the Wild Category with a 14km race of rugged jungle trails, hilly terrains and slippery streams – that involve fitness, endurance, brainpower and team work.

All the best to you guys and have lots of fun blazing in the trail challenge!

Please scroll down the postings to read the story and view photos at the Trailblazer boot camp taken on Saturday 12 August.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Updates on Trailblazer Challenge

I met Steven (P5) and Tony (P3) this morning at the photo session for the EDGE Executive Rat Race 2006 representing RHB Bank (photos are ready for next posting). Steven told me about the updates in the Genting Trailblazer Challenge.

On the eve of the event (Saturday 2 September), there will be jamboree camp fire, dinner and entertainment to welcome participants in the cool environment of Awana. As I understand, more than 30 teams are from Pacesetters runners that will take on this challenge. BRAVO!

The following Penguin Runners will be representing The SUN newspaper in the Genting Trailblazer Challenge on Sunday 3 September: Steven, Weng, Tony and ChongYS.

Together with CS Wong, another photographer, yours truly will be there taking photos and supporting my running friends.

Please click here to check out the latest race updates on:

The SUN Genting Trailblazer Boot Camp
The new Wild trail
Pre-race programme
Photos of the new trail
Photo on the right is just one of the photos from the Trailblazer web site.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Online Version of Footloose Magazine

Path: in Pacesetters Club Web site, select Footloose, then June Edition.
Alternatively, just click here.

After many hours of hard work, the online version of June 2006 Footloose magazine is about 90% ready. This is something like a sneak preview. When it is fully ready, I shall do an announcement in the Pacesetters Club Web site.

The outstanding tasks are the conversion of black and white photos into coloured ones. I could not contact the person who took the photos. If you know the runners, kindly help me to inform them.

What are the differences? First, in Footloose magazine, the lengths of the articles or reports and photos are confined by the number of pages in the magazine. But in online web page publishing, there is no noticeable limitation. This is because the limitation is imposed by the availability of server space.

Second, printing of coloured pages are expansive compared to black and white. But in online publishing, it is unusual to see black and white photos unless it is for artistic reason that we purposely convert them into black and white.

Third, in the online version of Footloose, there is no advertisement. So, if you are used to viewing advertisements in between articles or reports, that is something extra effort that I have to put in. Meantime, we shall stick to no advertisements.

Happy Reading.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Identified - The SUN Genting Trailblazer Team

Please click here to view 202 photos taken by Weng.

“Yahooo! We were selected!” Weng telephoned me on Saturday 12 August, 2pm. I have to put my handphone at least one foot away from my ear because he was talking very loudly. With the excitement, that was understandable. I presume they were having lunch at Rajawali Restaurant at Awana Genting as I could hear the noise amid the background sound of fork and spoon hitting the plates made of china.

At the Rajawali Restaurant, the occasion was graced by Mr. Chow, Vice President National Marketing of Resorts World Berhad. The results were tabulated by the Race Director, who supervised the smooth progress of every game, and he was assisted by Miss Tan Yeng Mee and Alice Ong, both are from the Organizing Committee of Genting Trailblazer Challenge.

Six of the best teams were announced to represent The SUN newspaper in Genting Trailblazer Challenge. Together with Mr. Chong, here are the fast Penguins Runners who are selected: Tony (P3), Steven (P5) and Weng.

When I reviewed the photos in the evening taken by Weng, it was something different from what I perceived earlier. I thought the participants were to run the 15km course. The boot camp was very much like a tele-match. According to Steven, they were supposed to undergo five games but managed to complete four due to lack of time. Points were accredited to each team according to swiftness and lesser errors made. Here is a brief description of the games:

Alignment of Cans
Two members of the team are to carry a total of eight cans in one hand each crossing hurdles (climbing up and down the chairs) along the path.

Shifting of Chairs
Three chairs are used and two team members are to stand on chairs to move from starting to finishing points.

Running up the Ramp
Each team is to run up the 50 meters, 45-degree ramp in shortest time. This game looks challenging.

3km Trail Run
This is the real challenge. The two team members are tied at their hands and run part of the course which consisted of trail, steps and crossing streams a few times.

Why do they play these games? I actually found the answer myself when I did a proof-read of this report: the Genting Trailblazer Challenge is about endurance, fitness, brainpower, overcoming obstacles and good team work. And these games are a representation of the actual challenges.

Make a date with the Genting Trailblazer Challenge on Sunday 3 September 2006. It should be fun and exciting. Weng and Steven have already invited me to be there to take photos.

Told by Steven
Written by KC

Friday, August 11, 2006

The SUN Genting Trailblazer Boot Camp

Responding to an advertisement in The SUN newspaper last week, Steven (P5) wrote in for the selection of The SUN Team competing in Genting Trailblazer Challenge to be held on Sunday 3 September. Steven and Weng have an edge for consideration in their application as they have just run full marathon at Penang Bridge International Marathon on 30 July.

Bingo! They were selected for the Awana Trailblazer Boot Camp this Saturday 12 August. They call themselve Team Penguin X -- what a catchy name.

Another Penguin Runner who is selected is Tony (P3). Together with ChongYS, their team name is The Mountain Man. Participating in this challenge is the home turf or terrain for Tony. This is understandable as he is the mountain sifu.

Eighteen teams are identified to attend this selection that will go through a series of actual tough challenges. Only 6 teams (2 teams for Men's Open; 2 teams for Women's Open; and 2 teams for Mixed's Open) will be selected to represent The SUN newspaper with an all-paid overnight package thrown in at Awana Resort on race day. Besides, they get to run the full course free of charge.

Congratulations and all the best to you four! Chance favours the well-prepared persons.

The itinery is as follows:-

Saturday 12 August:

7.45 a.m. Depart from Wisma Genting, Kuala Lumpur (in a coach provides by the Organizer)
8.45 a.m. Arrive at Lobby, Awana Genting
9.00 a.m. Race Briefing
9.30 a.m. Start of Race
11.30 a.m. Annoucement of 6 Selected Teams. Good luck!
12.30 noon Lunch at Rajawali Restaurant, Awana Genting
2.30 p.m. Depart from Awana Genting
3.30 p.m. Arrive at Wisma Genting, Kuala Lumpur.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flagrante Delicto - The Celebration

“Do you have a backup or contingency plan?” Out of concern, one of my colleagues asked me while going out lunch together. “What happen if any of the cast members is late for the show?” That was a good question as most cast members continued with their daily work and rushed to Bangsar Shopping Complex to perform the show in the evening. “… the show must go on,” I answered.

After five consecutive shows starting from Wednesday 26 July, we finally completed performing the comedy drama – mission successfully accomplished. There was no backup or contingency plan: all the 19 cast members were there – every evening – 1.5 hours before show time at 8:30 p.m. Such was the commitment, superb teamwork and showmanship for the entire cast members of Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club.

After performing the last show on Sunday 30 July, I felt relief that I could take a rest but I also yearn for more drama shows in future. It was really fun to be able to stand on stage and perform in the character that one is supposed to act – it is just an extension of delivering Toastmasters speeches but with much emphasis on facial expression, body language, vocal variety. And Yes, speak with (or express) conviction too.

The entire cast together with the Director and Producer adjourned to the Café right in front of Bangsar Shopping Complex for an immediate celebration. The mood was upbeat, jovial and happy. The Club made a little profit, sufficient for the next elaborated celebration in a week’s time.

Note: the bundles of RM100 and RM50 currency notes shown in the photo are props. It would be wonderful if those are real currencies earned from the show.

Please click here to view 215 photos taken by Jason Lee and KC during rehearsal and show time, and also audience responses.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Bukit Gasing Green Challenge 2006

Type: A dual terrain challenge running on tar road and trails of Bukit Gasing.
Date: 12 & 13 Aug 2006
Race Proper: 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Starting and Ending point: SMK La Salle, Jalan Chantek (5/13), Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Distance: 10 km

Registration: HURRY! Close on 10 August 2006


Team Entry Fee: RM 40
Individual Entry Fee: RM 25

Team Relay (2 persons) on Saturday 12 August
Individual Adventure on Sunday 13 August.

Participants: Capped at 400 participants.
Organizers: Jointly organised by Friends of Bukit Gasing and Corezone

Co-organizer Web site: Visit
www.mycorezone.com for race information, route map and entry form.

Leong Dee Lu, COREZONE: 03-7873 5560/012-425 3100;
Marylyn, FRIENDS OF BUKIT GASING: 012-223 7997 or Paul Chin.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

PACM Track Meet

Port Dickson Triathlon, Sunday 23 July 2006

Please click here to view 294 great photos taken by Miss Yeoh SC.

+ + + + +

PACM Track Meet, Sunday 23 July 2006 at Selayang Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

Please click here to view 182 great photos taken by Chan Wing Kai.

Please visit Pacesetters Web site for the results.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Penang Bridge International Marathon

Please click here to view 191 photos taken by Weng.

Note by KC: Bravo to Moira Toh! This is a entertaining, informative and well-written report.

Written by Moira Toh, Penang.


“Great! The Bridge run is back! At last!!” echoed yours truly and probably all Penang Runners who have been deprived of the Bridge run for the last 2 years. Apart from being the only marathon and half marathon run in Penang, the Bridge run offered the only opportunity where people were (legally) allowed on the bridge without their vehicles. Never mind that the rest of Penang traffic will be affected for about 6 hours during the run and probably in a state of chaos, we had our run back!!

The few days leading up to the run started well enough for me, I had received my complimentary yellow pacesetters t-shirt from a fellow pacesetter in the form of a sweet gentleman Mr Hooi See Wei, courtesy of arrangements by Munning Jamaluddin and Jenny Lim. Mr Hooi and his 2 friends had arrived in Penang the Friday before the run (on Sunday 30.7.2006) ahead of the Pacesetters contingent in order to “climatize” themselves to Penang to which I presume must be acclimatizing to the food and traffic jam!!

Race Day

A peep out of my window on Sunday morning 30th July 2006 (day of run) at the unearthly time of 3.30am confirmed no rain and no haze and after a light carbo-filling breakfast, me and my husband, Tuck, set off towards the run. We were both entered for the half marathon race.

Our runs started off exactly on time- 5.30am and 6 am respectively with the Works Minister, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu flagging us off – kudos to the minister for waking up at this ungodly hour!! This year, my aim for the run was to finish well and strong and to see if all the long runs I had put in before the run would work. Due to constraint of time from work, I could only afford 3 days of training per week which is hardly adequate but on Saturdays I had made sure that I did quality (or at least I hoped!) long runs around the area of Penang Botanical Gardens and the Penang Municipal Youth Park.

At the start - I wished my fellow participants queuing next to me “Good Luck, have fun and see you back at the finishing line” to which in turn 2 smiling ladies returned the same wishes. I remembered to start slow and mentally broke up my run into 4 parts, - approximately 5 km mark (middle span of the bridge), 10 km mark (Perai), 15km (back to middle span again) and finally the finish line at Universiti Sains Malaysia (22.3 km).

Running up the middle span the first time was tough, it was really quiet and I had to keep on reminding myself that it will take me approximately 10 -12 minutes to reach the middle span from the beginning of the slope up to the middle span. The cross winds were rather strong at this time and I felt I was going to be blown off the bridge! One must not complain though, the winds brought relief to the heat and probably blew the haze away from Penang. Ah! Made it I did to the middle span of the bridge and the first water station was ready for us.

The second part of my run – I decided to run next to the barriers which separated the 2 way traffic of the bridge. I remembered that I had complained before that with the barriers being set up last year that that took the “fun” out of the bridge run because I could no longer look forward to seeing friends and Tuck when they were on their return journey on the opposite side of bridge (as the full marathoners and the half marathon men started off earlier than the half marathon women, I actually took inspiration when I could see the leading runners on the opposite side of the bridge zooming past! And of course friendly faces from friends helped too!!). But this morning, I took refuge in the barriers so that the strong gusts of winds could by-pass me. I knew the barriers were of some “use” after all!! At this point of the run, I “followed” a lady in black top and leggings as she paced me, this really helped me to find my rhythm in this part of the race.

Relief came in the form of a water station at around the 10km run in Perai and now for the return journey back. I met a friend who was walking and encouraged her to run on (she did eventually finish the race within the time allocated). Swallowed my chocolate flavoured energy gel (by far the best flavour) for some zoom zoom power and I was actually feeling hungry /stomach empty at this point.

“Where? Where? Is the middle span?” I thought to myself running early at this leg of the race. It was at this point that a gentlemen drew up next to me and paced me in my run. He smiled and told me that he would pace me and if I slowed down, he would too. Oh! How nice to have someone to run with. I felt encouraged and his pacing helped me relax into a comfortable rhythm/pace. At the beginning of the slope up to the middle span, this gentlemen high fived me and told me to “go for it”, encouraged, I aimed to reach the water station at the 15 km mark.

After the water station at the 15 km mark, it was time to “go home”. I turned on my i-pod for music which was a “promised treat” to myself and the praise and worship downloads I gingerly maneuvered the day before into the i-pod made me smile and I took a little time to look at my surroundings and admire how beautiful Penang Island and Jerejak Island was bathed in the warm morning sunlight and how blue the sky was! At about 2 more km to go, I decided to put my “tempo training” to use and attempted to race all the way back. The finishing line could not have looked better as I ran into my allocated line to finish. I did it in approximately 2 hours 18 mins! I wanted to finish well and strong and I believe I did, a broad smile appeared on my face with the usual euphoria from the rush of adrenalin accompanied that smile.

Post Race reflections
What I learned from this race:
(a) long runs are a staple as one learns how to go through (dare I say it??) the “pain and suffering” during a race;
(b) friendly pacers and runners (and running buddies if available!) are a God -send!
(c) Setting a reasonable goal can be inspirational;
(d) “treats” such as music (or drink or food or friends/supporters!) can be encouraging.
(e) To take in the beauty of the surroundings and simply enjoy the run.

What I did not like about this race:

(a) not enough toilets /port -a- Johns;
(b) markers for each km were not provided (certainly not for the half marathoners);
(c) water stations information were not provided in the entry form (or informed to half marathoners);
(d) there were no bag deposit stations;
(e) a very long walk to the starting line for the men half marathoners (this input from Tuck who heard complaints from others);
(f) there was no clock (digital or otherwise) at the finishing line;
(g) signs were make- shift and category signs at the finishing line were hand written thereby not lending a “professional feel”.

Be it as it may, there were plenty of helpful volunteers and I applaud especially the volunteers at the water stations working industriously and also the Red Crescent volunteers who offered their assistance to all the runners! And of course, I am glad that the Penang Bridge Run is back!!

Moira Toh

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

MMDS 2 Duathlon at Putrajaya

Please click here to view 412 great shots taken by Jason Lee. He was on a focus mission to take photos at the Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series 2006 at Putrajaya on Sunday 30 July, 7.30am.

There were a few shots where he used the advanced panning skill -- the camera is panned (or move) along the line of moving bicycles. The effect: the subject was clear but the background is blurred.

There were a few photos where he took at the flowers. The photos taken by him showed a wide sprectrum of style: from the long range tele photos to the macro close up.

Yeah, keep up the good work, Jason Lee.

Work is still in progress to build the link in Pacesetters Club Web site.