Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Online Version of Footloose Magazine

Path: in Pacesetters Club Web site, select Footloose, then June Edition.
Alternatively, just click here.

After many hours of hard work, the online version of June 2006 Footloose magazine is about 90% ready. This is something like a sneak preview. When it is fully ready, I shall do an announcement in the Pacesetters Club Web site.

The outstanding tasks are the conversion of black and white photos into coloured ones. I could not contact the person who took the photos. If you know the runners, kindly help me to inform them.

What are the differences? First, in Footloose magazine, the lengths of the articles or reports and photos are confined by the number of pages in the magazine. But in online web page publishing, there is no noticeable limitation. This is because the limitation is imposed by the availability of server space.

Second, printing of coloured pages are expansive compared to black and white. But in online publishing, it is unusual to see black and white photos unless it is for artistic reason that we purposely convert them into black and white.

Third, in the online version of Footloose, there is no advertisement. So, if you are used to viewing advertisements in between articles or reports, that is something extra effort that I have to put in. Meantime, we shall stick to no advertisements.

Happy Reading.


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