Sunday, August 13, 2006

Identified - The SUN Genting Trailblazer Team

Please click here to view 202 photos taken by Weng.

“Yahooo! We were selected!” Weng telephoned me on Saturday 12 August, 2pm. I have to put my handphone at least one foot away from my ear because he was talking very loudly. With the excitement, that was understandable. I presume they were having lunch at Rajawali Restaurant at Awana Genting as I could hear the noise amid the background sound of fork and spoon hitting the plates made of china.

At the Rajawali Restaurant, the occasion was graced by Mr. Chow, Vice President National Marketing of Resorts World Berhad. The results were tabulated by the Race Director, who supervised the smooth progress of every game, and he was assisted by Miss Tan Yeng Mee and Alice Ong, both are from the Organizing Committee of Genting Trailblazer Challenge.

Six of the best teams were announced to represent The SUN newspaper in Genting Trailblazer Challenge. Together with Mr. Chong, here are the fast Penguins Runners who are selected: Tony (P3), Steven (P5) and Weng.

When I reviewed the photos in the evening taken by Weng, it was something different from what I perceived earlier. I thought the participants were to run the 15km course. The boot camp was very much like a tele-match. According to Steven, they were supposed to undergo five games but managed to complete four due to lack of time. Points were accredited to each team according to swiftness and lesser errors made. Here is a brief description of the games:

Alignment of Cans
Two members of the team are to carry a total of eight cans in one hand each crossing hurdles (climbing up and down the chairs) along the path.

Shifting of Chairs
Three chairs are used and two team members are to stand on chairs to move from starting to finishing points.

Running up the Ramp
Each team is to run up the 50 meters, 45-degree ramp in shortest time. This game looks challenging.

3km Trail Run
This is the real challenge. The two team members are tied at their hands and run part of the course which consisted of trail, steps and crossing streams a few times.

Why do they play these games? I actually found the answer myself when I did a proof-read of this report: the Genting Trailblazer Challenge is about endurance, fitness, brainpower, overcoming obstacles and good team work. And these games are a representation of the actual challenges.

Make a date with the Genting Trailblazer Challenge on Sunday 3 September 2006. It should be fun and exciting. Weng and Steven have already invited me to be there to take photos.

Told by Steven
Written by KC


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