Sunday, August 20, 2006

Appearing in The SUN

I was excited to see the familiar group photo showing the six selected teams at the recent The SUN Genting Trailblazer boot camp. The SUN newspaper CityPlus page on Friday, 18 August with the title “Six to blaze trail for The SUN” caught my attention.

Immediately, I contacted Steven and Tony and inform the other Penguin runners. The four (Tony, ChongYF, Steven and Weng) later received congratulatory messages and praises from the other runners.

As representative of The SUN, the teams will be given the full run package, which is all paid for, including participation fee, accommodation and a jamboree camp fire dinner.

Since the four marathon runners are tough guys, Teams Mountain ‘O’ Men (Tony and Chong) and Penguin X (Steven and Weng) will be competing in the Wild Category with a 14km race of rugged jungle trails, hilly terrains and slippery streams – that involve fitness, endurance, brainpower and team work.

All the best to you guys and have lots of fun blazing in the trail challenge!

Please scroll down the postings to read the story and view photos at the Trailblazer boot camp taken on Saturday 12 August.


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