Monday, August 28, 2006

Training for Rat Race

I was awakening not by the sound of alarm clock but by the sound of pouring rain on Sunday 27 August at 5.30am. Oh No, Not again! The previous training back in a few months ago, we were always disturbed by the rain.

It spoiled my plan: park my car at Bukit Aman car park; run slowly to Bursa Malaysia Building, then practise running the 5km actual course at blistering pace; run slowly back to Bukit Aman car park in time to “KPC” (busybody) for the Mizuno special promotion at Bukit Aman car park.

I woke up at 8.30am and I felt guilty of not doing anything serious since I am supposed to train for the impending The EDGE Executive Rat Race. So, I decided to run alone at the nearby MPSJ (Subang Jaya Municipal Council) track and field area.
Filepix 2005 The EDGE Executive Rat Race

I have not been running for many days due to the evening rain. I was lucky not having stuck in the traffic jam enduring the flash flood. My body was feeling a little lethargic. I never like running at the track because one round is about 400 meters and it could be very monotonous running round and round.

When I reached the MPSJ field, they were quite a lot of people doing the Sunday morning aerobic exercise. The atmosphere was bustling with the lively dance music blaring from the two huge loudspeakers. 95% of them were ladies and a few men joined in the exercise while a few men were seen doing the exercise from a distance (I presume they were a little shy). As for yours truly, I just focus on my own running not distracted by the aerobic session and the beautiful girls around.

I ran slowly for the first 15 minutes. When I passed by the aerobic area, automatically, I would run at faster pace. I also don’t know why. That was the invincible motivation power to propel one to achieve greater heights.

The next half hour was a tough experience for me – speeding time. I would run at much faster speed and at times, ran as fast as I could; needless to say, you know which area of the field was for full throttle ahead. Running at fast pace was tough and the body always wanted to slow down or stop.

The next 15 minutes was for slow running as a warm down process. After the one-hour training run, I felt much better.

This coming Sunday 3 September, there would be the Genting Trailblazer Challenge and the Rat Race is only two days later – Tuesday, 5 September. I would be taking photos in the Trailblazer Challenge.


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