Monday, August 21, 2006

The EDGE Rat Race 2006

Yahoo! The once a year Executive Rat Race is back again on Tuesday 5 September. This is my favourite short distance race. It is a 5km charity race opens to all registered companies with Bursa Malaysia (formerly KLSC). Each team consists of five runners of executive or management ranking.

This race is unique as runners are required to run in smart office attire and the race starts at 5pm! Besides, this is the only race in Kuala Lumpur where there is a concentration of cheerleading teams cheering and supporting the runners. If your office is around the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, come and join in the fun.
With Malkeet Kaur, one of the Bank's runners in the Rat Race.

Other than running the Race, the fun moment is to meet some of the Pacesetters running friends there, in different running attire: May Ching will be representing Acenture Consulting; Mr. Khoo, Southern Bank; Mr. Yeo, BAT; and a few others.

The Champion Team

RHB Group has been the strongest supporter of The EDGE Executive Rat Race in 2005 by sending the biggest contingent of runners – 12 teams (60 runners). It was an honour for me as my team of five runners emerged as the Champion Team competing with the other 100 teams. According to the Management, RHB Bank would want to defend the Championship title this year and that request gave me a little pressure to run fast again.

Photo Session

On Thursday 17 August, Tony (P3), Steven (P5) and I went to RHB Centre for photo session. Yes, the three fast Penguin Runners will be representing RHB Bank in The EDGE Executive Rat Race 2006. From the number of participants, RHB Group will be sending a big contingent again.

Rehearsal on Actual Course

We went for a scheduled training run on actual course on Saturday 19 August, 8:00 a.m. starting at Bursa Malaysia building. I was there early at 7:30 a.m. and the first familiar person that I met was Mr. Mak, Vice President of Risk Management, of Bursa Malaysia who will represent his company in this race. He was warming up in preparation for his training run too on the actual course with his team of runners.

Tony, Steven and I were there together with other runners of management staff from RHB Group. Running in the morning was much favourable compare to running in the afternoon. It was not hot; with fewer vehicles, lesser exhaust fumes. At the start, I was running at fast but manageable and consistent pace. My lung seemed to be slightly at ease with the faster pace, thanks to the preceding many sessions of speed training on my own.

Filepix: 2005 Champion Team

I remembered last year that I ran so fast that I could feel my heart would pound right through my chest. The condition was made worst with the effect of hot afternoon sun.

To read The EDGE Executive Rat Race 2005 reports, please click September 2005 Achieve on the left sidebar of this KC&SR Web site.


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