Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trekking at Air Hitam Forest Reserves

It was a special day on Saturday morning, 28 July 2012. Not only that I was leading a small group of qigong members (Zhening Qigong Malaysia) for trekking at Puchong Hill (or Air Hitam Forest Reserve Hill), it is also the start of London Olympic 2012. Gluing to the TV starting from 3:30 a.m. for a fun-filled and somewhat humorous opening ceremony, I have to stop the viewing after the appearing of Malaysian's contingent during the athletes parade.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong).

 Air Hitam Forest Reserves Hill (or Puchong Hill)

Arriving at the trail head of Puchong Hill, I was shock to see that there were so many cars there; both the entry and exit roads were parked on both sides of the road. The previous time that we came, it was closed to public by the officials of UPM for encroaching into their research area ... do click here to read.

After the negotiation by the Puchong Trekker Association, UPM decided to allow the public to trek at the outer loop. So it is everyone’s responsibility to advise those new trekkers not to venture deep into the waterfall again, and to keep the tracks clean. Otherwise, it would jeopardise all the people when UPM decides to close the forest reserves again.

 (Back, left): Yang, Lee Choo, Edwan Haw, Chin, LimBB, Cindy Lim, TanCH
(front): Lew, Chan and Chan, Brenda Lee and KC Leong

 With Lai Kuan (left #3)

In this trekking group, there were a few beginners who are first exposed to trekking. One of them is Lee Choo who trekked steadily and cautiously. Two special persons that we met there: first was Lai Kuan who was doing the trail running; the second person has to be Lim Hin Chong, Past Club President of Speaker's Dream Toastmaster Club (do click here) and Past Area-Governor of Toastmasters. I first heard someone calling me; upon inquiring, LimHC said he recognized my Salomon trail running shoes even from the back view (do click here) ... :-)

As usual, I would practise my trail running while accompaning the trekkers. I would surge foward for then run backward to ensure the group is moving in the right direction.

The group completed the trekking trip by having a delicious fish head noodles in the eatery centre of Puchong new town.

 Huge mushroom that looks like a cake

 With Lim Hin Chong and wife (right #2)

 No Entry - this is the entrance to waterfall or UPM research areas

Having fish-head noodles at the eatery centres of Puchong new town ... LeeChoo, Lew, Cindy Lim and LimBB

Do click here to view all activities with Qigong Malaysia members. This posting is repeated, do scroll down the pages.

Posted by KC Leong


Unknown said...

thanks for regulate your group and also your previous report at our trails, welldone kc.

Unknown said...

thanks for regulate your group and also your previous report at our trails. wee done kc.