Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We Wish to Trek at Puchong Hill Again

Attached here is a report appearing in The Star Metro dated 28 May 2012 about Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve (or we call it Puchong Hill). Located near to Bandar Putri of Puchong, the trails are shady and not too difficult for trekking, that is good for a moderate workout.

The authority of UPM, however, is not pleased and decided to close the trails recently due to following reasons:

a. disallowing trekkers to encroach into UPM's outdoor research areas as trekkers' presence are affecting their research work;

b. throwing of rubbish by inconsiderate trekkers when they trek.

If the Wawasan Trekkers Group (as in the report below) manage to persuade the authority of UPM in agreeing to reopen the trail, this time, we must be serious about their concerns: no straying into unauthorized boundaries, and we must also NOT go to the waterfall area. 

Here is a funny incident told to me by Edwin Goh, a regular trail runner friend, while doing trail running at Puchong Hill last year:

When the Iranian lecturers came to UPM for some exchange programmes, the UPM lecturers were very excited wanting to show their counterparts the prized possession – a pristine and tranquil small waterfall with clear water in their research centre of Ayer Hitam Forest Research, never mind that the name and the actual colour of the water do not tally.

When they happily arrived at the waterfall area, they were shock to see some trekkers were also there happily swimming in the pool, and some were having a jolly good time enjoying picnic by the pool … :-)

The waterfall at Air Hitam Forest Reserve

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Do click here for photos and postings done by yours truly (KC) while doing trail running at Puchong Hill (scroll down the pages).

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