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FRIM Taman Botani Trekking

My handphone was abuzz with phone calls at around 7:15 a.m. – the time to meet up at the car park – while I was still travelling along LDP passing by 1-Utama Shopping Complex leading two other cars with me. As planned, we went trekking at FRIM (Taman Botani side) on Saturday, 16 June 2012.

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 A group photo at FRIM Taman Botani ...
(Back, left) KC Leong, Vemanna, CheamYC, Tioh, Grace Lim, Edwin Haw, Ong, Arunan, Subramaniam, Albert, OngCL, CK Cheong, Wye Kit, YangPS;
(Front) Shirley, ChoiSN, Teng, Lew, Cindy Lim, Chan, Agnes Yew, MayLing, Clair, Nancy Liew, Kim (Prakash holding camera)

That was the first time that I led a group to start at Taman Botani of FRIM with certain degree of uncertainty. All the time, we start at the Main Entrance of FRIM. I was surprised to see so many cars parked outside the gated and guarded perimeter of Taman Botani. I was equally surprised to see such a big group for this trekking trip – almost 26 of us.  There were three groups in that trekking trip: the Zhineng Qigong (or chi gong) Malaysia members, my office colleagues and the trekker friends. Other than the trekkers, Agnes Yew, a road and trail runner, was with us doing a tapering run for her participation in the Full Marathon in Standard Chartered KL Marathon next Sunday, 24 June.

 Yeah, at the peak of Steroid Hill

The group started energetically walking past the lakes; having our first group photo taken and proceeded straight to Steroid Hill. Slowly but surely, we then proceed to trek up another hill to Salem High Country. After that, we descended the hill and continued to the waterfall area passing by an Orang Asli Clearing where we saw some durians there. Yes, it is the durian season now.

All ladies - Just before going up Salem High Country

After more than 2 hours of trekking, a few of the members showed sign of tiredness. Nevertheless, we pressed on wanting to arrive at the final target – the waterfall area. Upon arrival, I was shock to see that the waterfall and stream were totally dried. After three weeks of dry season, what was left was a dry bed. I quipped that we could consider coming again during rainy season.

 Happy faces at the peak of Salem High Country

My original intention of leading the group to return via the start of Pacat Trail and then connect to Mountain Bike Track (at the Malay Tea House side) has to be shelled as Shirley, one of the trekkers, encountered knee pain. So I have to find the shortest possible route to return to car park. While I asked Agnes to wait for the group at a junction, with the additional time, I ran to unfamiliar trail to look for shortest route along Mountain Bike Track. Bingo! I found one that cut right into Taman Botani. So the whole group finally emerged safely from the hill and walked back to the car park.

 Descending the hill

With the haze blocking the sun even at the open space of Taman Botani, it was indeed a day of fun in the shades of trees for a not-too-difficult trekking. The total time taken was almost four hours, much longer than the planned 2.5 hours. To those new members, it was a tiring attempt but a satisfying trekking trip.

 Somewhere near Steroid Hill area

 Passing by an Orang Asli Clearing en route to the waterfall. It is durian season time.

 A unique pond with yellow plants at Taman Botani ... with models Cindy Lim and Tioh admiring the scenery ... :-)

Filepix taken on 26 Dec 2011 at the waterfall area. Credit goes to Grace Tabitha, a Research Officer in FRIM, who led me to this area. She is now migrated and lived in the USA.
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