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Run/trek up Maxwell Hill Taiping - Day 2

This morning (Sunday, 1 July 2012), we went up to the Telekom Tower starting at 5:30 a.m. waiting to see sun rise. From the Cendana Bungalow, it is another 3km away. Equipped with headlamps, the group walked up via tarred road in darkness amid a not too cold morning with occasional breeze. While waiting, Lee Ye Ching and Simon Goh set up the burner, boiling water and preparing hot drinks for all. At around 7 a.m., the scene of sunrise was partly blocked by the passing clouds. Nevertheless, we have a good experience there relaxing and doing something different if we were back in Kuala Lumpur.

Do CLICK HERE to view Part 2 (final) of the photo album courtesy of yours truly (KC).

We then returned to the bungalow, have our breakfast at 9 a.m. Immediately after that, I set out to look for the bungalow that I last visited long time ago. I ran up to an abandon road and saw two abandon hill resorts. I then ran down to the Hill Station area. At around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday which is considered prime time, I could only meet 10 tourists or less. I think this hill resorts is really trapped in time with not much development.

 Lee Ye Ching and Phoebe

The group descended the mountain by 4-wheel drive vehicles at 12 noon while David Spence, an Ironman, ran down to the foothills. It was indeed precision driving by the drivers negotiating the many hairpin turns with narrow road.

At Taiping town, it was a moment of gastronomic delights savouring a few of the places with good food; thanks to Simon Goh for leading the pack. We returned to Kuala Lumpur at around 8pm.

It was indeed a memorable trip for me and I enjoyed it very much. Sure I will be back to look for the bungalow again -- definitely not a lapse of so many years this time.

 Hot drinks to go with the cold morning while waiting for the moment of sun rises

 Telekom Tower or Station @ 13km from foothills of Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill

 Michelle Tan

 Sighting of UFO? ... :-)

 Smallest roundabout in M'sia? The jeeps actually observe and turn around here. Well, most of us did not see it. It is just next to the entrance to Cendana Bungalow.

 The interior of Cendana Bungalow ... complete with Astro high-definition reception

 Spacious and bright

 Bukit Larut Hill Station area ... seen here with only four tourists

 Bukit Larut Hill Station ... not a single person here (10:30a.m. Sunday, 1 July 2012)

 Savouring the famous ice chendol at Taiping town ... Jacklyne Lee, Phoebe, Michelle Tan, Samantha, Jezamine

The famous porridge cook with crab meat ... Simon Goh, Agnes Yew, Phoebe, Michelle Tan

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