Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flowers Blooming

Moving around USJ Subang, one would see a number of Tabebuia Rosea trees in full bloom. If Japan has its sakura trees, USJ has the Tabebuia Rosea trees (though in much smaller scale).

Known locally as pokok kertas tisu, when in bloom, the trees would be fully covered with flowers with few or no leaves, and the fallen withered flowers turn the ground into a bright and colourful carpet.

Every time I see flowers, this statement that was told to me by my supervisor would come to my mind: "Do spend some time to smell the flowers."

Locals believe that when the flowers start to fall, it marks the end of the dry season. With the heavy rains for the past few days, look like the phenomenon is quite true.

Aiya, like that going for trekking would expect more wet ground

. . A few years ago, the full bloom occurred sometime around 22 August. Looks like they bloom twice a year.

Photos taken by yours truly (KC) on Saturday, 19 March 2011.

It has been raining the few days before and after 19 March.

By 26 March 2011, all the flowers were gone.

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