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Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik

The first challenge – maintaining balance to keep the shoes dry

Please click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC) using a compact camera.

Here are the photos of the this trekking/trail running trip that took place on Saturday 5 March 2011. There was a bit of drama but with happy ending ... scroll down to the end of the email.

A group photo before the real start of the event

Arriving at the peak of Gunung Nuang.
ChooTS, Dr. Shara and yours truly were setting the paper trails. We tool 2.5 hours to arrive at the peak. Most would arrive at 3 hours.
There were 10 compact cameras to take the group photos.

Relaxing at the waterfall -- dipping into the cool and refreshing water

A good scrub – cleaning up in the stream near to the carpark

Dr Shara’s expansive and brand new Salomon XT Wings 2 trail running shoes

Well, fast-track for seasoning ... :-)

Dinner at Bukit Tinggi

Here is a funny and yet keng cheong (exciting) experience when setting the paper trail by ChooTS, Dr Shara and yours truly.

While going up the mountain, we somehow followed a not too clear trail B-C-D and set the paper markers (refer diagram below).

While at D, I looked back, I saw a clear trail on my right (D-F). Anyway, we continued our journey to the peak.

At 6:15 p.m., while seated at the restaurant waiting for a sumptuous and rewarding dinner, I received an sms from TonyQ that there were three ladies still in the jungle. Wah, this is not very good !!

Almost dark, TonyQ came to the restaurant. This is an account of what actually happened:
.One tired lady trekker, on the way down at D, followed the obvious and dominant trail (DFB - though there was no paper trail). At B, she saw the paper markers again and led her back to C and D, and going up the hill again !!! Obviously, TonyQ has to back track and looked for the missing trekker.

Lesson learned:
(a) For those who are setting paper trails, make sure the paper markers are set on the dominant trail
(b) For trekkers who are coming down the hill, it could NOT have been going uphill again ... :-)

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