Sunday, March 27, 2011

Skytrex Challenge

The word extreme is intimidating. It is especially true to extreme sports or extreme challenge.

I know how some of the first-timers in this group feel ... gosh, first time participating in Skytrex and going for extreme challenge !!

I was told that a few of the participants are so excited that they have slight difficulty in getting into slumber sleep a few days before this event. Well, the Skytrex Extreme Challenge event was successfully staged yesterday morning (Saturday, 26 March 2011).

The tougher (or higher) the challenge, the greater (or higher) is the satisfaction. BRAVO !!

Please click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC) using a compact camera. . .

A group photo with the Skytrex bus as background in Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. Leng (at left) is the efficient coordinator. .

In full gear – Peck Yah, Patricia Yap, Leng, Wendy Liu and Monsy.

Our ‘yow yeng’ Lara Croft . . . Another group photo before the extreme challenge . . Pre-game demo – Okay, do inspect the pulley and carabiner (a metal loop with a screwed gate). It is so systematic that no one is turning to the other direction ... :-) . Well... that can double up as Lara Croft’s gun ... :-) . The first vertical climb – Patricia Yap ... cool and steady in climbing up the ladders to gain the necessary height for the game of Fying Fox. . Another view of the first climb – easily 30 meters high. .

The emergency exit or premature exit. Ayam = Chicken; Exit = Out . Lai Fong Sang and Wendy Liu for a hands-free demonstration .
The game of Flying Fox ... most participants says that it is the most pleasant and easy game to play
Wendy Liu walks exuberantly with ease .
Part of the group on the way out of Skytrex venue .
Led by Leng, the group went to Klang for the famous BKT. Later, we went to a shop that sell pau. The pau there are selling like hot cakes (or hot pau).

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