Sunday, March 13, 2011

FRIM Trail Running

I am pleased to share with you photos taken during the trail running at FRIM, Kepong this morning, Sunday 13 March 2011.
This time, there was no mishap of not able to find the trail. However, we were surprised to encounter a few attack by leeches.

Many of the regular runners were not here as they went for the Bareno Run at Bukit Jalil this morning.
At the start of Mountain Bike Track ... KC, Stephen Wong, Vivienne, Rose, Sharon Tan, Fiona Goh, ChongYF, Lai Fong Sang.
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Posing with a heavy duty mountain bike
Wow! What a beautiful tattoo cleverly hidden beneath the running vest ... :-)
Version 2011 Salem High Country models ... :-)

At another location
Arriving at the Malay Tea House ... coincidently, all were posing with thumbs up even before savouring the aromatic tea.

Cheers! (thanks to Lai Fong Sang for taking this photo; he is a very fast runner who likes nature, camping and trekking)
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