Sunday, April 03, 2011

Apek-Saga Hills Trail Running

The trail running at Apek-Saga Hills this morning (Sunday, 3 April) was successfully staged as planned. This is the all men’s group as two ladies could not make it. The weather was fine and the ground was dry. It was a fun and challenging attempt running around, going up and down the hill slopes without having to worry about slippery ground. The entire hill running took 3 hours.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KL).

KC Leong (left), ChooTS, Sam, PK Chan, Jason Lee, Dr Shara ... Chong YF takes this photos.

This time, we have two persons who are well-versed with the terrain of Apek-Saga Hills: Chong YF and Jason Lee. We arrived at many of the stations located between the two hills. Nevertheless, if the group could not find the way out, we just have to run a much longer distance exceeding the targeted accomplishment.

Passing by the sanctuary inside the Apek-Saga Hills. This is a great place to relax in a hot afternoon under the shady trees ... have an afternoon nap in the hammock; boil some water for brewing of tea too.

At one point while the group was walking, Sam asked Dr Shara this intriguing question: When a leech sucks blood from Trekker A and later from Trekker B, what if Trekker A has AIDS? Will the virus be transmitted to Trekker B. Wah, this is a good question to work the brain other than working the body and legs only in manoeuvring the trails.

I quipped that for those well-fed leech, that should not be a problem as it would take a few days to digest the intake, and the virus would have died then. The problem may arise when the leech was half fed and we pull it from its sucking operations and throw it away. It then bites another trekker ... :-)
The Station connecting to Saga Hill ... they even have two Malaysian flags there.

When we ran up certain stretches of the steep slope in fast action, a not-so-challenging Apek Hill suddenly becomes as difficult as Gunung Nuang albeit a much shorter distance to start exerting the muscle for the uphill climb. That could be tiring. It is akin to running a marathon by following the pace of fast runners at the start of the race.

Complete with water station which is free-of-charge for the supply

 Yours truly (KL)

Having a cool and refreshing drinks at the stall located at the entrance of Apek Hill. According to the owner’s teenage daughter, the coconut comes in S, M, L size with different pricing.

After running around for a few loops, I begin to appreciate the wisdom of Lady Su who frequent Apek Hill, and said that Puchong Hill is not challenging compared to Apek Hill. Yes, I agree !! Besides, the trail is wider here in Apek Hill.

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