Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011

Chaos reigned in the Energizer Night Race that was marred by poor crowd control and lack of clear signage and instructions. Otherwise, it was a good and inaugural event that was staged at the Sepang F1 Circuit on a cool and fine evening of 16 April 2011, Saturday after a wet, wet, wet morning with continuous drizzles that lasted for six hours.

Big turn-outs for the inaugural run at Sepang F1 Circuit ... Photo courtesy of Malaysia Runners Network
The feeling was good for me being able to run on the Sepang F1 racing tracks since it was built in 1999 that are meant for the fast and furious mean machines travelling at blistering speed with deafening roar. This time, it was just quiet other than the thousands of runners running on the track with the red or white light emitting from the headlamps given out by the organizer.

Having been to the Sepang F1 Circuit for more than 10 times supporting the various racing events, this time, I get to see from the racing tracks and be part of the participation that move on the racing tracks. The difference: while the fast machines take only 1 or 2 minutes to complete the 5.543km circuit, it took me about 25 minutes to going through the mild uphill and downslope.

Other than the various acuteness of cornering – the longer-radius corners and some quick-looking bend – the terrain of the F1 racing tracks come with varying degree of uphill slopes, inward or outward spin meant to test the machines and the drivers’ skill in negotiating corners.

A cheerful start fully energized
Collection of medals and goody bags:
When I was completing the second and final loop for the Half marathon, I saw a long line of runners standing near to the Tower end (the sharp cornering end). My initial thought was that they came to support the runners who were still running. With a closer look, they were part of the long queue that lined for almost 300 meters in length!

Later, I realised that they were collecting their medals and goody bags.  At the collection area, chaos erupted forcing the organizer to close the metal sliding door prohibiting further distribution leaving more runners anxiously waiting for their reward. After much discussion on strategy between the officials, the Rela Men and the Police, a young lady person-in-charge emerged trying in vain to ask the irate runners to move back 5 feet that earned her receiving boos and 4-letter words. I was amused watching the commotion.

While abandoning the idea to collect my medal, I heard over the PA system that a lady announcer gave her personal handphone number to the thousands of runners for further contacts trying to rectify the situation.

I think going for trail running is better with the peace and tranquillity of nature; besides, it is free ... ha ha ha

I Like:
Being able to run on the Sepang F1 racing circuit.

ckMak posing at the starting grid for his full marathon ... photo courtesy of ckMAk

I Don’t Like:
Crowd is too huge

Poor crowd control

Lack of signage and instruction

Car parking is RM 10 per entry, which is more expansive than the MotoGP, Japan GT.

Huge crowd going through the narrow underpass to arrive at the starting grid

Finishing medals were not dished out immediately upon crossing the finishing line. Instead, it is part of the collection with goody bag. I gave up in collecting them.

Collection of headlamps was located at an unintelligent location not properly lighted and blocking the exit of the narrow underpass.

Runners throw discard cans, paper cups, mineral bottles all over on the racing track after the water station.

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Written by KC Leong 


Anonymous said...

SIC really in a mess when it comes to car parkin. It started with 2010 MotoGP and happened again in this year's F1. 2 thumbs down to SIC.

geannietan said...

how come u guys got to pay $10 bucks for parking....We no pay's free right???

Haiz...another dispute!!!

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

It is like ransom: pay RM 10 and proceed; otherwise, you are blocking the long line of cars behind you if you want to reverse your car !!!

Aero D said...

The parking fees were illegal. I didn't pay. This was the far most badly managed run i've been to. Most of the staffs and marshals were rude. I also didn't pick up the goodie bag as the Q was extremely long. Towards the end i heard the goodie bag were thrown at the participant!

gilbert tan said...

Next time listen, night running are for lovers (mm keen tak kong). True runners go for climbathon trail run. Right KC. Lucky me, didn't run.