Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mount Fuji Climbing (4)

The holidaying journey continues: The Palace in Tokyo ... ChooTS

Please click here to view photos (Album 5; final album) by courtesy of Weng.

Alexis and Jayne

Palace is at the background (blocked by the trees)

At Ginza Street -- huge and famous shopping district of Japan ... Yee Choi, Chiew Hong and Weng. On Sunday, this street is closed for traffic.
Weng posing with a Japanese girl in traditional costume

Japanese in traditional costume

Ice sculpture flank by two cute little girls

Roppongi Hills ... KC and the spider

The group at Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken Treasure Museum (Meiji Shrine)

At Harajuku district -- This main street is full of young people dressed in a variety of styles

Sharon Tan posing with a youth (guy) dressed in cyber-punk fashion

In summer time, temperature in the evening is 32 degrees Celsius (shown at top left of the building)

Dinner together

Monday 2 August 2010 -- the group depart from Tokyo and return to Kuala Lumpur via Japan Airline after a memorable one week of trekking and holidaying.

L-R: KC, ChooTS, Chiew Hong, Weng, Alexis, Pei Ling, Jayne Aw, PK Chan, Sharon Tan, Gary Chin, WongFK. Yee Choi, the team lead, operates the camera.

Next: Photos from ChooTS with his new Nikon SLR.

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