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Mount Fuji Trekking

Tuesday 27 July, 10am: First group photo at one of the temples en route to Kawaguchiko Town, start of trekking. Weather is hot at around 31 degree Celsius. Everyone is sweating profusely.
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Arriving by train at Kawaguchiko Town (about 3pm).

Wedn 28 July, 7am before leaving town ... The Enthusiastic 12 with Mount Fuji at the background.
Back (L-R): Pei Ling, Jayne Aw, Weng, Chiew Hong, Yee Choi (Team Lead), Alexis, ChooTS, PK Chan.
Front: WongFK, Sharon Tan, KC, Gary Chin.

Fuji Sengen shrine - the start of trekking to Mount Fuji. In olden days, this is the pilgrimage route to Mount Fuji. This is not the commercial route; as such, there is hardly any trekkers going via this trail. Only the Gunung Nuang trained trekkers from Kuala Lumpur are attempting this trail.

Actual start from shrine: 7:50 a.m. Turning into real trekking trail

After a refreshment break

Umagadeshi -- the group has been walking for 2.5 hours (from Fuji Sengen shrine) to arrive at this point which is even before Station 1.

Having a quick refreshment break (so call lunch) at Station 3 (time is around 1pm). Notice the big backpacks that the group carry. The plan is after leaving Kawaguchiko town, the team shall trek up Mount Fuji, walk round the rim of the crater and descend to another point. Together with 3 litres of water, each backpack weights between 12kg to 18 kg! That is heavy !!

Station 5 ... this is different from the commercial Station 5 where buses can reach

At Station 6 ... right side of photo frame is where trekkers from the commercial Station 5 comes from.

The trail at this elevation is wide and well maintained. The retaining walls are constructed to prevent errosion ... Japan Boleh !! ... Weng, Pei Ling and PK Chan

Steep rocky areas ... WENG

Lots of people trekking up the mountain in colourful gear. It is estimated that during the trekking season, about 3,000 trekkers go up Mount Fuji !!
To be continued ...
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