Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mount Fuji Trekking (3)

The journey continues ... The group descended from Station 8 of Mount Fuji (mission aborted due to bad weather) amid rain and strong wind on Thursday, 29 July 2010. Then we took bus transport to Gotemba area and put up a night there en route to Tokyo the following day.

At Factory Outlet of Gotemba; it was a day of rain and strong wind

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Friday 30 July 2010 going to Tokyo by train ... view from the front of train ride

Arriving at Sakura Hotel, Ikebukuro of Tokyo

Visiting Samurai Street -- Rumours has it that John Lenon donated his piono and was placed in the tower

Savouring famous la men. The next batch of customers are standing behind waiting for the front line to finish their noodles.

Visiting Shinjuku area -- This is the starting area of Tokyo Marathon

Night visits

Saturday 31 July 2010 - Visiting the famous fish market near Shinjuku area where tuna fish were auctioned ... raw and fresh tuna fish

Savouring a delicious bowl of la men -- due to limited space, we have to stand and eat
(L-R: Alexis, Pei Ling, Jayne, Sharon Tan, KC, Gary Chin and Chiew Hong)

Visiting the Seated Amida Buddha or the Great Buddha of Kamakura

The kuan ying temple near by

Visiting China Town of Tokyo. This is by far the most well organized China Town.

Japan Telecom tower

Shopping in the evening ... Alexis at the foreground

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