Sunday, October 03, 2010

Post-Mt Fuji Dinner and Karaoke

The much awaited post-Mt Fuji dinner was held at a posh restaurant at Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya on Saturday, 2 October 2010.
The main purpose of the gathering is to show our appreciation to Yee Choi, the Fujisan Team Lead, for leading us in this mission. Another reason is to strategise for next year's Mount Fuji climb again.
It was an evening of good company, good food, lots of fun, laughter and singing. Not only that the trekkers are fit, their voices are good too.

Jayne, Sharon and Rose
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CHEERS !!! Gary, WongFK, Rose, Jayne and Pei Ling

ChooTS, Weng, Yee Choi (Fujisan Team Lead), Chiew Hong and PK Chan

The four bottles of wine from Fiona. After a few rounds, they were emptied. Now dipping into the reserves from PK Chan and later the Martell from ChooTS.

Yours truly (KC), Angeline, Sharon Tan, Gary and WongFK

All smiles ...

Enjoying in the karaoke session. Notice the expressive Gary Chin. After hours of singing, the group was just mesmerized in the karaoke session until the Captain (of the restaurant) has to remind us to call it a day.

Since we were rushing for time, PK Chan who has been programming the songs, decided that each song is be given only one-quarter of the air time before proceeding to the next one in order to clear the backlogs.

The singing mood was heightened with a few Beetles numbers where all were able to sing along loudly. Finally, whether we like it or not, system remotely overrides with a shutdown message: “Thank you and Come Again.”

Good times together: the Fuji team and trekker friends

Back: Angeline, Rose and Fiona
Front: Jayne, Sharon, Leng and Pei Ling

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