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MotoGP 2010 Sepang (2)

The motorbike of the World Champion, Jorge Lorenzo

From my observation, here are the interesting points for the 2010 MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang on Sunday 10 October 2010:

(1) The results: Valentino Rossi (1st), Andrea Dovizioso (2nd) and Jorge Lorenzo (3rd). Nevertheless, Jorge Lorenzo won the 2010 MotoGP World Championship with the cumulative points scored.

(2) From the TV live telecast in Astro's Sports Channel 812, the grandstands of Sepang F1 Circuit was full of fans cheering on anything that moves. It was reported that a total of 62,000 spectators went there to witness this spectacular yearly MotoGP event. The Sepang F1 Circuit looks really good: with magnificent grandstands; smooth curvature of the racing tracks surrounded by greens in its aerial view.

(3) Lorenzo led the early stages of the race before settling for a safe third behind team-mate Valentino Rossi (1st) and Andrea Dovizioso (2nd).

All photos by courtesy of JASON LEE ... stay tuned for more photos of MotoGP queens and other photos of mean machines.

Notice that during hard breaking, the rear wheel is lifted off the ground

(4) While celebrating the championship win, Lorenzo went round the track on the slow down lap with his Spanish flag. From far, his motorcycle looked like spewing flowers on the track and later came to a complete halt. On inspection, the poor shredded flag was caught in the rear chain; he has to seek help from the marshals to untangle the mess.

(5) Rossi was seen happily showing his 46th victory that coincides with his motorbike racing number “46”. This is truly a legendary fellow: after falling down in one of his earlier races with broken legs and shoulder injury, he was seen continuing with his races even in Plaster of Paris.

(6) While two of the Yamaha riders got first and third positions, two of the Ducati riders (Casey Stoner and Aleix Espargaro) skidded down the tarmac in frustration. Between men and the machines, are Yamaha's riders better or Yamaha's motorbikes better?

(7) At the podium high up above, after receiving the trophies, Lorenzo made a swift exit that left Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso shooting champagne with each other in the oversized champagne bottles. The commentators were puzzle also with Lorenzo’s uninformed exit. When the TV cameras zoom on to the ground, we see Lorenzo was busy shooting the team members with the champagne; he was later whisked away; probably, shooting at the wrong target.

(8) During the interview, the three champions of similar small size, they voices do sound like kids. It was a stark contrast with the excellent skill and the nerve of steel while riding the huge and mean machines at blistering speed negotiation tight corners without slowing down.

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