Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mt KK Climbathon - 7th Training

This is the 7th training for the coming Mount Kinabalu Climbathon. With another two more training sessions to go, the team is ready for the big day on 23 October 2010.

Some of the team members come a long way when participating in the local climbathon circuit starting with Gunung Tampin (6 March 2010), Gunung Datuk (10 April) and Gunung Angsi (8 May). click here
The group later spend most of the training at Gunung Nuang. Divided into three distinct terrains, G. Nuang is best suit for climbathon training with unobstructed wide trails. Of course, the next challenging venue is the steps training at Batu Caves. Though it is a bit monotonous going up and down the 272 steps, it is indeed a challenging place for training.

Batu Caves -- looking down the steps

Look at the new Solomon and Asics shoes -- Mak, Su and Peck Yah.

Proudly display their off-road running shoes ... Su, Mak, Peck Yah, Jason Thiang, LeongWW, Johar, ChooTS

Front: Jayne Aw, Peck Yah, Su, Carol, yours truly (KC)
Back: LeongWW, Johar, Chiew Hong, ChooTS, Jason Thiang, PK Chan, Mak

Spotted a group of outdoor enthusiasts playing a team building games at Batu Caves

Pigeons flying around the vicinity

Enjoying breakfast and coconut water after the training ... ChooTS, Peck Yak, KC, Lai Kuan, Su, Jason Thiang and Jayne Aw
Photos taken by yours truly (KC) using a Lumix compact camera.
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