Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tendering Bib Numbers

After seeing Su allocated with the fantastic bib number in Gunung Angi Climbathon on 8 May 2010, all the runners in our group were somewhat excited admiring the good bib number. It is indeed a good idea to have special bib numbers to lighten up the event.

I associate it with the car number registration system in Malaysia. It is indeed an expansive endeavor to acquire such good numbers where the owners have to tender and keenly compete for highest bids.

Each number above start with minimum tendering amount of RM 2,000 (this is BKS series of car registration number for Selangor state in April 2010)

In running events, the organizers could also issue special bib numbers for tendering. I am sure all those discerning runners who would want to have a memorable run to go with special numbers. In this case, it adds on to the fun of running in the event. It boasts one moral and enthusiasm when running in that event too.

The organizer may consider having special photo sessions for runners with special bib numbers. I am sure that would be a much sought after programme by the runners. Besides, the extra money collected by the organizers would either be contributed to charitable organizations or increase the fees income for organizing the event.

Su with the much admired bib number at Gunung Angsi Climbathon on 8 May 2010

Of course, the die hard or purist runners would think this exercise is a waste of money. Anyway, one man's meat is another man's poison. The analogy could be similar to wearing a pair of shorts from pasar malam costing only RM 5 as compared to wearing a pair of designer running shorts from Nike costing RM 150. Other than practicality, it is about feeling good of owning a branded product or something special.

As to how much is the fair minimum tendering price, we can work out a simple formula: while the car number plate would be there prominently display for an average of 10 years, the bib numbers are only display for about few hours depending whether it is a 10km or half or full marathon. Just distribute on a pro-rata basis with the effective hours of display, that would be the base tendering price.

Successful bidders for BKS series: Number 1 at RM 70,000; number 10 at RM 11,200 !!!

Here are a few recommendations of the special numbers:

0000, 1111, 2222 to 9999 = The tasteful, intelligent and sophisticated runners

8888 = Businessman runners

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 = The aspiring runners (trying to be top 10 finalists)

007 = Action-pack runners

5354 = Don't-give-a-damn runner (direct translation: neither here nor there)

9394 = Outgoing and charismatic runner (direct translation: play here, play there; playboy number)

3268 = Businessman runner (direct translation: businesses prosper)

1197 = Have s** will travel runner (direct translation: every day play male geni***)

So, organizers and runners, what do you think?

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By KC :-)

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