Monday, May 24, 2010

Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik (2)

The good points of this trail:

1. The terrain is not too steep

2. There is a good waterfall at the second stream; deepest is about four feet

3. The trail is clearly visible

4. No tricky split paths

5. At the Kampung Bukit Tinggi town area, more choices for restaurant food; the price is reasonable.

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of WENG.

The not so good point of this trail:

1. Before entering into the forest, the trail is almost been overgrown with tall lalang

2. Many leeches (but you will know when they bite you as it itches)

3. Before reaching the waterfall, there are a few areas where the trail is blocked by the falling bamboos. One has to crawl to proceed with the journey.

4. The car parking area: parking by the side of the gravel road, the area is of limited space that can only accommodate about 10 cars.

Relaxing at the peak of Gunung Nuang

Improvements require:

1. Looks like we need volunteers to cut those fallen bamboos (to open the path) and to cut the overgrown lalang to ensure that they do not engulf the entire trail.

2. At the car park area, that requires tractor to clear the space so that more cars could park there.

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