Wednesday, May 26, 2010

EBC Dinner_Karaoke

Thanks to Sharon Tan, one of the EBC team members, for organizing this superb dinner/karaoke session on Saturday 22 May 2010 evening. Staging it at the famous Oriental Pavilion at Jaya33, Petaling Jaya was indeed a great idea.

During the dinner/karaoke session, much like trekking, the group has a slow start in ascending the hills but after the engines have been warmed up, and when approaching the peak, suddenly, all the adrenalin was pumping and the energy levels soared.

Not only that the EBC team members are united in trekking, we are also a closely-knit group in karaoke sessions.
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Alexis, WongFK, Rocky, SC Yong, Joseph

The full momentum of the singing session was just started with the help of a few glasses of wine after the sumptuous dinner. Thanks to Sharon and PK Chan for sharing their superb wine. Unfortunately, the fun and heighten mood that we took sometime to elevate to the next higher level was suddenly dampen when the waitress indicated it was time to call it a day (night) way before 12 mid-night.

We were amused when PK Chan said we only sing one-quarter of each song trying to clear all the backlog of songs that have been programmed.

Yee Choi, WongFK, Rocky

More singing stars are discovered that evening: Fiona and Alexis could sing very well particularly Alexis who sang with a sweet and clear voice that is very pleasant to hear. Together, they perform a duet with the song “I have never been to me” by Charlene:

… Oh, I've been to Nice and the isle of Greece
when I sipped champagne on a yacht
I moved like Harlow in Monte Carlo
and showed them what I've got …

Another person that could sing very well is Jayne Aw but she was not present on that evening.

Fiona and Alexis

When the song, “The Young Ones” by Cliff Richard was played, they all said in unison “it is KC’s song” much to my amusement though I was more appropriately labeled the “young once”.

Maybe in future trekking trips, the group can sing while trekking together. Not only that we train on physical fitness, we could also train on the power of vocals. Songs such as ‘Seasons in the Sun”, “Top of the World”, “Rocky Mountains High”, “Down by the River”, “Sunshine on my shoulders”, etc would be motivating and uplifting that echo in the distance.

Yeah, the EBC group is looking forward to more EBC dinner/karaoke sessions.
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Joseph, Sharon Tan, Angeline, PK Chan, Fiona

Next Trekking Trips

While having dinner, the group discussed about the preparatory activities leading to the coming trekking trip to Mount Fuji Japan from 26 July 2010. The Team Lead for this trekking trip is Yee Choi, an ultra-marathoner and a diver. Working in Japan during his younger days, he speaks Japanese and he is the most suitable person to lead the team.

The group also discussed about the mother-of-all Climbathons (in Malaysia) for the challenge at Mount Kinabalu on 23 October 2010 as half of the team members are taking part in this event. Click here

The group also explores and plans the next trekking destinations for next year/season.

Note: EBC = Mount Everest Base Camp team @ 24 October 2009 … click here for previous postings (scroll down the pages; click Older Posts).

p.s. Returning home from the dinner/karaoke session, after sleeping for four hours, I continued with the trekking trip to Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik the following morning on Sunday 23 May 2010 … quite an incredible feat … :-)

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