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Taiwan Backpacking Holidays (2)

Alishan ku niang

In the evening, the group likes to visit night markets that operate in urban or suburban areas of Taiwan that have become popular tourist destinations among sightseeing foreign travelers. Much like the Pasar Malam in Kuala Lumpur offering vast variety of food and shopping, the night markets in Taiwan operate in much bigger scale.

Alishan dancers performing a cultural dance
Night markets offer excellent environment for shopping and to savour the delicious Taiwanese cuisine. There is so much food to eat that we usually eat more than three types per evening. However, there is something in common that becomes staples in all night markets: the stinky tofu that gives off an unforgettable aroma -- IT SMELLS LIKE SHIT! Since one man's taste is another man's poison, much like durian in Malaysia, this is an acquired taste which I shall reserve one day to try.

Heart shape forms by two cypress tress ... Hui Min and Hui Mei
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Su and Huey Ling walking along a trail in the Alishan forest reserve area
Coffin cakes (棺材板 guāncáibǎn) – What a name! It is bread baked into the shape of a coffin, hollowed out, and then stuffed with minced meat. But it is delicious!!.
Fried Chicken Fillet – At Shilin night market, there is a particular store which is well known for serving tasty fried chicken breast, in large portions and for only RM 5 equivalent. While standing there, people are seen queuing up to buy.
Magneficent old tree that dated back almost 2,000 ago
Based on simple deduction, the prices of most drinks and beverages are about 25% more expansive than in Kuala Lumpur. For example, a can of cold Coca Cola is RM 2-00 equivalent whereas it is about RM 1-60 in Kuala Lumpur..
Train out of service ... Su, Huey Ling, Hui Mei and Hui Min

Iron Man 2 Taiwan version (now showing Iron Man 2 Holywood version in cinemas)

A cruise boat ride at the prestine Sun Moon Lake

Thao tribe cultural dance at Sun Moon Lake

F4 girls enjoying a scenic sunset at Sun Moon Lake

Calm and serene ... in the morning

A Magical Crystal Lake -- The beauty of the lake, from dawn to dusk and from spring and summer to autumn and winter, whether it is bathed in sunlight or shrouded in mist, exudes such an aura of enchantment that viewers never tire or looking at and sighing over it. [Extracted from Tourism Board, SunMoonLake]

Yours truly (KC) waiting for train together with other group members

Freedom Square at Taipei ... Hui Mei

Taipei 101 Skyscraper ... Su
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