Thursday, May 20, 2010

NB 875 Off-road Running Shoes

It just happened uncontrollably. On my way descending from the peak during Gunung Angsi Climbathon (8 May 2010) click here, I was wary of the slippery ground. However, there was one sloping surface – no matter how careful I tried – when I stepped on it, and immediately, I slipped and fell.

The problem: I was wearing a pair of road running shoes. I was not wearing the usual trekking shoes as they are clumsy and not suitable for running. However, the road running shoes are not suitable for off-road challenge. I have a new requirement now where both the native running and trekking shoes are not suitable.

The weekend after the climbathon, I went to a New Balance outlet at Mid-Valley The Gardens to see how I could overcome the problem. I was glad to see that they have the type of shoes for off-road running.

New Balance 875 off-road running shoes

This is the new pair of New Balance off-road running shoes that I bought. List price is RM 320.

I shall use them for hill training and later, leading to the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon on 23 Oct 2010; or possibly, wear them for the coming Mount Fuji Japan trekking on 26 July 2010.

I went for a test run on Wednesday morning (19 May) at the rubberized track of MPSJ (Subang Jaya) outdoor stadium with this pair of shoes.

My observation:

This pair of shoes is light and flexible, provide excellent fit and perform just like running shoes despite having different design and grip at the bottom sole. It gives reasonably comfortable cushioning when walking. Nevertheless, the feel for lack of cushioning is obvious together with higher level of knee jerk when I started to run on the rubberized track.

Anyway, I should not complain too much as any shoes will provide cushion and protection for our feet compared to running barefoot, just like our famous barefoot runner, Tan Wah Seng who run marathons in barefoot.

Since this is the first time I am wearing an off-road shoe to run, I need other brands to make a comparison. Overall, I should think it is Okay since the ground on the trail is softer than tarmac.


Lead by Chiew Hong and Weng (both Mount Fuji Japan trekking and Mount KK Climbathon challengers), the team shall go for a trekking trip to the peak of Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik (Bukit Tinggi, Karak Highway) on coming Sunday 23 May 2010.

Extracted from runners website:

Runner's World Review:

The 875 delivers excellent all-weather traction by using outsole lugs made from both hard and sticky rubber spaced far enough apart that they don't get clogged with mud or slush. While the shoe does best on trails, some testers were surprised how well it did on pavement. New Balance improved the fit of the upper by adding overlays that embrace the foot more securely. Yet, even with the additional material, the 875 managed to lose half an ounce. Recommended for runners who run on wet, sloppy trails or who are in need of top-notch traction and an excellent fit.

Wear Tester Reviews:

"The shoes offered oversized lugs that overcame mud and soft ground with ease." - Mark Hauswith, 28, East Lansing

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Stupe said...

Am on cascadia5 by brooks. Enough traction and cushioning. Wore it for the 46km hash challenge and sure footed enough to tackle offroad trails and rivers.