Thursday, November 19, 2009

Penang Bridge Marathon 2009 (2)

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Aiyo, It rains again! I am sure all runners would share the same sentiment with me these few days. It rains everyday since Monday (16 Nov) and that affects my training run in the evening to prepare for the Penang Bridge marathon this Sunday, 22 November.

I urgently require a mid-week run in order to sustain the level of fitness; my last run was done on last Sunday morning. So, I went for a run this morning (19 Nov) for one hour starting at 5:10 a.m. at my usual training ground – Subang Jaya outdoor track/stadium.

When the alarm clock triggered at 4:45am, I am still blur what actually happened. It was a cool and nice morning after yesterday's long-winded rain. At that moment, the track is quite dark only illuminated by the faint light from the bungalows nearby. The main gate to the track is locked so I have to jump across the fencing, like hero only!

The grandstand of Subang Jaya Outdoor Track/Stadium

Needless to say, there was no one running there. Who would in their right mind wanted to run on a weekday in the early hours? So I ran and ran and ran. Since it was quite dark, I could listen to my body system better and I could run much faster (no outside interference). I was pleased that my target is achieved, much like we completed the Everest Base Camp trekking mission.

These days, I don't say "I run 15km or 20km". I am using time as a unit of measurement. But I am sure I do run fairly fast since most people exercise at the Subang Jaya track/stadium would be looking at me as it is unusual to see people running in a circuit for so long. As people say, gaya mesti mau (must have style). Okay, ‘fast’ is a relative term, which could be slow according to your standard.

In the office, when I looked into the mirror in the toilet, I realized that I look more leng chai ... :-). So imagine if I continue to run in the morning, after a few years, I could look 20 years younger. Maybe it is wrong to run in the evening all these while.

Alexis, who is also running in this Penang Bridge event and one of the runners joining me to trek up Penang Hill the following day, commented that when I trespass the next time at the Subang Jaya track/stadium, it is okay because they could not recognize me as I am getting more leng chai.

One runner commented that at such an unearthly hours in the stadium under faint lighting, KC might or might not realize a group of 'leng lui's was also running with him. Such interaction with 'leng lui' clearly made KC more leng chai! So I quipped that no wonder I could run very fast when it is dark in a deserted place – full of power and the feeling of being lifted in running effortlessly.
Alexis said that she is looking forward to trekking up the Penang Hill rather than running in the Penang Bridge Marathon (half category). So I said that since she is the certified Everest Base Camp trekker, obviously, she is looking forward more to the hill to trek (and not marathon to run) ... :-) click here to have a glimpse of Alexis.

For the Everest Base Camp group, five of the trekkers would be running in the Half category: PK Chan, SC Yong, Alexis, Yours truly (KC) and Yee Choi (running full marathon). As for Yee Choi, fours days after returning from EBC trekking, he participated in the Mount Kinabalu Climbaton (25 Oct) and he successfully made it to the peak within the qualifying time. Bravo!
See you in Penang!
Happy Running

Written by KC

Note: The next 'MotoGP Sepang 2009' posting would be postponed. The next posting would be delayed too – should be having a good time in Penang.

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YS said...

Hi KC, you are not alone here. I used to run in the evening in my neighbourhood too, but recently have been trying to run in the morning instead. As my work starts at 8am, I have to wake up at 4:30am to do 1-hour run starting at 5am, and still make it to work, without skipping breakfast, on time. So far have tried for 3 weeks, will see if this is sustainable.
I have a strong feeling that, in order to make the 5am run sustainable, I must train to wake up at 4:30am even on the NON-running day, so our biological-clock will be tuned accordingly. Am trying it now... will see how it goes.
By the way, it was a nice feeling that when you finished the run at 6am, the uncles and aunties just came out for their morning tai-chi... whereas we are soaked in sweat, cooling down to go home... but no one though that we are heading home liao...:) :)