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Everest Base Camp (5)

The EBC journey continues... Please click here to view Photo Album #5 taken by yours truly (KC)... lots of stunningly deep blue sky in this photo album. Alexis and yours truly running on a plain at 4,503m.

Day06 (11 October 2009) -- Going to Lobuche via Dusa and Thukla
Jayne, Sharon and Alexis... According to Ram, the committed Main Mountain Guide, the white patch of ice (with arrow pointing) is the Cho La Pass which I have crossed on the ice in May 2006
Yours truly (KC) running on a plain in Dusa (4,503 m). Franky, with the effect of high altitude, I could not even recognize myself.

Alexis, who has run a few full marathons, also giving it a try running on high plain

The settlement next to Fiona is Pheriche (that the group will put up a night on the returning journey). Interestingly, in the evening, the entire area leading to Pheriche is engulfed with clouds howering lowly.

Beautiful scenery enhanced by the deep blue sky

Yours truly (KC) and Pei Ling with a shanty as background amidst the deep blue sky.

Our group of porters in action carrying our luggage

Notice the moon (at the top of photo frame)

Crossing the stream to arive at Thukla (4,620m) for lunch

It is full-house inside the dinning area; so the group is sitting outside for lunch. Notice we are still in thick jacket... L-R: Sharon, Jayne, Pei Ling, Yee Choi.

The fair Nepalese lady from Kuala Lumpur? ... Fiona is trying out what it takes to carry the loaded basket.

The cool lady -- Sharon. Despite the strong sunlight and UV, she is still looking very fair.

A barren landscape with lots of rocks at this elevation

A really good place for meditation ... maybe it would be easier to achieve levitation and floating around with the effect of thin air.

Arriving at Lobuche (4,930 m)

Superb! A bowl of hot soap to warm the body for the cold night ... (L-R) Ikhwan, Yee Choi, Fiona, Sharon, Pei Ling, Alexis and Jayne

The journey continues ... Next, arriving at EBC.

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