Sunday, November 29, 2009

Penang Bridge Marathon 2009 (6)

Botanical Garden of Penang (final posting)

Please click here for 113 photos taken by yours truly (KC) for the entire trip to Penang.
Cannon Ball flower (Couroupita Guianensis) with an insect busy harvesting nectar

Alexis and I took a 30-minute tour of Botanical Garden which is just around the corner. Lined with lush greenery and flowers, it is indeed a great place for runners in Penang who do their regular training runs there.

Lush greenery that is good for running

Besides, there will always be spectators watching the runners – the monkeys. After running for numerous loops, a runner may even recognize the monkeys. Or the moneys may miss a runner if he/she does not turn-up for the entertainment in running around.

Many monkeys in the garden

Conducive environment for running

Enjoying cups of fresh fruit juice at a stall outside Botanical Garden. Alexis likes it and order a second cup. Cheers!

We later rushed back to the hotel, refreshed and then check-out of hotel. After lunch, we left Penang at 2pm and safely returned to Kuala Lumpur at 7pm. That concluded a great journey to and fro Penang in participating in the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009.

We shall be back again next year for the next Penang Bridge marathon run which is slated on Sunday 21 November 2010!

Our heartfelt thanks to our friends in Penang who have assisted in showing us the right direction to move around Penang. Other than the maps, maybe we shall come back with GPS sytem next year. The End.

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