Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Putrajaya 12 Hours Walk

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Driving along The Boulevard of Putrajaya at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday 13 December, I was looking for the starting venue of this event. I intended to go as near as possible as I would expect there was not much crowd then. Finally, just before the Palace of Justice building, I saw the traffic barricade and it was confirmed with many walkers walking around at the competition arena.

The air in Putrajaya was cool and fresh, thanks to the heavy rain in the afternoon. From the car park, I could already hear the music in the air puncturing the quiet night of Putrajaya.

Stay tuned for more photos taken by Weng and yours truly.

Chiew Hong, Mohd Ariff and other competitors

Weng and YouBL

Keenly contest for top positions... why is there an extra letter D?

Josie and another friendly competitor

Most of the participants were walking in their comfortable pace save other than a few walkers who were really competing for top positions. After all, from the starting time of 8:00 p.m., they have already walked for almost four hours. Many were chatting with their friends while continuing the walk.

The atmosphere there was really fun, happy and calm. It was like a group of friends walking and talking on the street only that it is already mid-night and it is going to be a long night to the completion of the event – 8:00 a.m. next day.

To win in the competition, a competitor who has covered the longest distance shall be declared the winner.

Walking in a circuit is an excellent idea as it is a controlled environment for participants to go on in such a prolonged event. It also means that we get to see all the participants there.

Drink station among the flowers - effectively, a water station for every kilometer (depending on the distance of one loop)

It comes with boiled red been 'tong sui' (sweet drink)
Alternative fuel other than Power Gel/Bar
There was ample supply of drinks (and also hot drinks) and food. I could see some of the participants were relaxing their feet and some were eating while resting.

The 12 Hours Walk look really fun. I think that must be a memorable experience for the participants – doing something different. Maybe we shall consider taking part in this event next year.

Amelia and SH Tan resting their feet after four hours of non-stop walking

Results as at 4 hours after start
.The Number One supporters - the family members

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Yin said...

oooh, cool, i see Mum!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice series as usual :D

C-CUBE said...

KC, u shud join. Its really fun and take the pressure of you unlike running where you really run as fast as possible to get a good timing. Some more got so much food and drinks make readily available.

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Dear Choi,
Yes, I agree... will participate next year... :-)

dear Yin,
I was a bit surprise to see two participants lying on the ground... :-) ... KC

Anonymous said...

Dear KC,

WH Yap here, thanks for the post up on our event. Furthermore, the Race Walkers' Association of Malaysia has officially linked your blog into our website: http://racewalkermalaysia.synthasite.com/

Anyhow, we thank you again on your support.

secretary, RWAM