Thursday, December 04, 2008

Journey to Mera Peak - Part 2

Singapore International Marathon (SIM) – To my running friends and also all runners who will be traveling to Singapore to run in the SIM this Sunday morning 7 December, wishing you a pleasant journey, a good run and a relaxing holiday.
(press Shift key and) Click here to view 127 photos (Album 2 of 2) by courtesy of AB Tan. Stay tuned for more great photos from the album of Goran (from Australia) and Tan Ay Peng.

It takes almost 12 support crew to carry the utensil, food stuff, fuel, camping equipment, etc for the entire journey going through all type of terrain
Return from Mera Peak, at Cetera, 4200m. About eight teams stayed here - all by camping.

Just like in any of the restaurant
.The camp site which is uniquely shielded by a huge rock
.One of the uphill climbs and rocky part of the journey
. Goran, AB Tan and Tay Ay Peng

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