Sunday, July 02, 2006

Training Makes the Difference

Note: failed attempt again to post photos.
It was noticeable that fewer runners were at Bukit Aman car park this Sunday morning. I presumed many runners were participating in Ipoh Half Marathon today, 2 July. Within the Penguin group, Tony (P3) and a group of runners and trekkers were trekking up Gunong Irau, Cameron Highlands.

Joining us (Weng, Meng, Jason Chin and yours truly) in the 20km training run was another runner, Mr. Chin. He has done half marathon twice so far and has no problem in following our running pace. When Meng enquired his timing in recent PJ Half Marathon, it turned out to be the fastest among the pack – 1 hour 44 minutes.

While approaching the pit stop at Sri Hartamas, we spotted Albert, a big size and friendly guy, who was running in fairly fast pace. He is the owner of a sports shop in Bukit Bintang Shopping Complex giving 30% to all Pacesetters runners for purchase of New Balance shoes. While talking to us amid heavy puffing, he was having a friendly competition with his running buddy, Peter Lim. That was the second time that he outran Peter after Peter had beaten him in the last eight challenges. I told him that he outran Peter by almost 300 meters.

Weng was doing 30km alone today. So at the Government Office at Jalan Duta, he turned back to Sri Hartamas for another extra 10km. He would be going to Port Dickson this Sunday, 9 July to participate in the trial run for the PD Triathlon. Yours truly would be going too to take photos.

While running, a funny thought surfaced in my mind: why would I have to do 20km in the training runs? After all, I would not be going for Penang Bridge Marathon. Neither will I be going for the Powerman at Putrajaya on 30 July. Instead, I will be performing in the comedy drama. I would conclude that this is very much attributed to the motivation within the group, which is good.

On the way home, I detoured to a mamak coffee shop for a cup of teh tarik drink. It is located opposite Subang Jaya Medical Centre. On entering the premises, I heard someone was calling me. I was surprised to see LiewKL, my primary school classmate in my hometown, Bruas, Perak. I was excited to tell him my active lifestyle in running, cycling and trekking; and also the webmaster role in Pacesetters. So, I invited him to join me. However, he said that he have had blockage of the blood veins to the heart and running is not recommended. I hope he would have a speedy recovery to improve his health. Running, after all, is not that simple.



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