Friday, July 21, 2006

I am Nearly Famous

I could not contain my excitement when I turned to Page 74 of today’s New Straits Times, Friday 21 July 2006. I was elated. The familiar Flagrante Delicto photo taken in YS Studio in SS2 appeared before me. Below the photo, it says: Smell a Rat in Perfect Crime.

At one glance, a reader may think that this group of people in sunglasses must be crazy. After having been caught for committing a crime, they still look very happy. Don’t worry! It is only a comedy drama. As the smart DJ in Red FM commented earlier, “everything is possible in a play.”

Immediately, I bought two copies of the newspaper from the news-stand. Why two? My colleagues who were standing besides me were curious after having our lunch at Alamanda Food Court in Putrajaya.

Well, I replied that the first copy is for circulation to other colleagues to share my joy. The second copy is for laminating purpose for my permanent filing. And indeed, my colleagues in the office were excited too to see me appearing in the newspaper.

After three months of hard work, the cast is almost ready to perform the drama. Last night (Thursday, 20 July), while the cast was rehearsing, our talented Director, Loghan, was laughing away seeing the hilarious acts. Even the Director, who wrote the scripts, could not contain the laughter.

There will be another three days of final rehearsal (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). After that, show time will start on Wednesday 26 July 2006, 8.30pm.

Come and support us, will ya? And enjoy yourselves in a fun-filled evening with lots of laughter.

Port Dickson Triathlon, 22-23 July (Saturday and Sunday)
Next posting is on next Monday morning. I will be going down to Port Dickson to support my friends who are participating in the Triathlon race. The Organizer was most pleased to issue two media passes to me in order to facilitate me in taking photos. Yes, I will be the cameraman there. Stay tune for photos of triathletes in action – the muscular guys and gorgeous gals.

Meantime, please click here to view the photos taken by Jason Lee and I during the pre-race training two weeks ago.

Please click here to view pre-race training photos taken by KC.

Please click here to view pre-race training photos taken by Jason Lee.

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