Sunday, July 09, 2006

PD Triathlon Pre-Race Training

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I have been writing quite a number of reports on training runs whenever I go for 20km Sunday morning runs starting at Bukit Aman. This morning, I was involved in training runs too but it was a different type and at different venue.

I went with a few running friends to participate in the Port Dickson Triathlon pre-race training. The first pre-race training caught my attention when I visited Azwar’s web site. I saw there were quite a number of racers taking part in the first pre-race training.

This morning, Sunday 9 July, was the second and final pre-race training. Jason Lee, Weng, Steven, Eric, Vivian and yours truly drove to Admiral Marina & Leisure Club, Port Dickson to have a try at the training run.

It was raining since 6am at the Marina Bay. We waited until 8.15am for the rain to stop. There were about 100 racers taking part in this pre-race training. I have the opportunity to converse with Mr. Kristof Van Houdt, a racer from Belgium. He actually cycled from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson the day before!

The Event Organizer, Mr. Chan Chee Seng, personally supervised the training. Before the race started, he assembled all the racers and gave detailed and useful instructions to them. To demonstrate the correct swimming technique, he actually jumped into the water and demonstrated to the racers much to my amusement. Standing at the pier with other swimmers, I jokingly commended that I thought Mr. Chan is a land-based activities coach; he is good as in water-based activities coach also.

Oh Yes, I was there to take photos; not taking part in the event though you might be wondering that why I was conversing with other swimmers.

I was having a pole position taking photos. Thanks to Encik Dale, who was so kind to offer his help. It was my first time taking swimmers in actions. Please take a look at the photo album; it should be ready within two days.

Cycling Segment

Since it was a training run, all racers waited at the starting line to start together after completing the swimming session. It was an excellent idea as that would ease the traffic policemen controlling the traffic. I thumbed a lift from one of the friends and got down about 7km away to take Eric’s photos. I was there alone waiting for the cyclists to return for taking photos.

I was elated when I saw the cyclists return. I spotted a boy cyclist while I viewed from my telephoto lens. To my surprised, two dogs surged from the shelter and started chasing the boy about 50 feet away. That caught me by surprise. I could see the boy immediately gained his power and peddled very hard. After the boy had left, I walked slowly towards the two dogs and aimed my camera with the long lens at them. It worked! The two dogs then left me alone. Eventually, my transport came and I went back to the starting line again.

The last segment was the 10km training run. Since the route has been designed not having to cross the road, the participants could start the run after completing the cycling segment. Most runners dutifully ran the pre-defined distance.

With the overcast sky and the rain this morning, the weather was most conducive to stage this triathlon pre-race training.

The actual event date is on Sunday, 23 July at the same venue. According to Encik Dale, there will be about 1,000 racers participating in this event; about 300 are foreign racers (not including Singaporean yet).

BTW, the closing date for registration is 17 July. Take a look at the photos; it is fun taking part in the triathlon event, and staging this event at Port Dickson is most appropriate. If completing the three segments is too much of a challenge, then consider doing a relay race involving three racers each for swimming, cycling and running.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the photos, even at a practice session only. We all had fun. Steve

Stupe said...

echoing what steve just said. THANK YOU for taking the pics.


permission to link the photo page to my blog.


KC said...

Hi Guys,

You are most welcome.

KC :-)