Friday, July 07, 2006

Don’t Cry for me Argentina

“GOAL” the audience roared its approval and punched the air in excitement when Argentina scored the first goal in a quarter-final match with Germany on Friday night, 30 June.

With the resounding roar, it sent a big black cat – at the scene looking for food – running in fright looking for cover. While in flight, it nearly collided with my foot when I stretched my legs. I was at the scene with a huge crowd watching the match: sipping cold drinks while sitting under a tree in an open space of a mamak restaurant. The atmosphere was fun.

To be continued… Very sorry, I am too busy with updating of Pacesetters Club web site and Toastmasters Club comedy drama.

I will be going down to join in the fun for the Port Dickson Triathlon 2nd Test Run this Sunday morning 9 July. Jason Lee would swim, Weng cycles and Steven runs; your truly takes photos.


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