Saturday, July 15, 2006

Start of a 100km Charity Run

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KC, my prayers be answered, I was hoping someone else would take interest and come and take photos, so I have proof to show all who have donated money that it is legit. I'll be at the start line at Subang Jaya Buddhist Association from 5pm this Saturday 15 July, and with any luck at the finish line about 3pm Sunday. Hope you can shoot a few of my and Ms. Chew's pics.

From Steve

To Sze Foon, my thinking Christian friend, do not worry about "pensan" after 5-6 km. God makes us to be able to walk and climb on our own legs (not in cars or 4WD or even bikes) and to appreciate in awesome wonder of the wonderful world. He created!! So I believe. Otherwise tell me why He makes us with 2 legs (with the exceptional few) and put us on this planet? The mechanical aids are man's self-styled "modern transportation" spewing toxic gas on God's master-piece every time we press the accelerator. Glory to the modern world, so sing the modern man!

From Ngae KH

This event is graced by the Ironman above. In Ironman, a racer is to swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and follow by a full marathon in order to complete the race.

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