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Impression of China (2)

The journey continues ... do click here to view photos in 2nd album by courtesy of yours truly (KC).

Our cruise ship spent a night lay at anchor in this area.
That reminded me of my Mount Rinjani trekking trip (Lombok Island; June 2011) where we just pitch the tents and camped out-of-no-where in the wilderness ... click here.

Taking a boat ride in the Shen Nong Xi (or river). Powered by 4 boatmen, they can carry almost 15 persons.
To earn a daily wage of 3 Yuans, they have to came from far in the same boat for almost 2 hours (one way).

Trackers of Shen Nong Xi (or river) pulling the boat

This is the commercial shot extracted from Internet; it always look much better compare to real life ... :-)
With the construction of the dam across Yangtze River, the water level rises substantially.
All the peripheral streams/rivers are now swell with water; so the trackers don’t have to pull their boats in the shallow water anymore.
When we took the boat ride, they just demonstrated to us how the boat was pulled (photo above) – minus the action in nude ... :-)

Linda, the guide of our Shen Nong River cruise, introducing the history and culture of the tribes here. She lives in the nearby village.
Accompanying the sales of the book, she also sings one of the songs in the audio CD that is being promoted.

The journey on the Yangtze River continues with the spectacular and unique landscape ...

On this afternoon, we have 2 hours or less of sunshine. It was cloudy on most of the days on or before boarding the cruise ship.

Many of the towns are established along the river.

The primary image on the reverse side of the new 10 Yuan note is a view of the famous breathtaking Three Gorges of the Yangzi River.
The horizontal line at the gorge is the upper limit of water level marked by heavy rainfall.

Debris is seen floating on the river after massive flooding at upstream due to bad weather.
The same bad weather was experienced at Zhangjiajie when we went up the mountains and could not see any view.

Buffet meals offered in the cruise ship. Every time we started our meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, the cruise ship would start to move.
So, what is your deduction?

Farewell Banquet Dinner hosted by the Captain on the final evening before we arrive at the destination - ChongQing city

We started the journey from Yi Chang; passing by Three Gorges Dam and disembarked at ChongQing.

The staff or workers in the cruise ship double-up as armature performers to entertain the passengers.

Arriving at ChongQing city with a population of 33 million people (even more than the whole of Malaysia)

Breakfast at the 39th floor of The Landmark International Hotel, Guangzhou.

Sightseeing at Guangzhou new commercial square. The tallest building here is the Guangzhou Business Convention Centre.

Yours truly (KC) with Guangzhou’s telecom transmission tower in the background.

This is an elegantly designed car made in China that can rival those cars from Japan.

Free and easy shopping at Shang Xia Jiu Square (direct translation: Up Down Nine Square) where the whole street of almost 1km long are lined with shops; lots of shoppers here.

Enchanting night view of Pearl River (or Zhu Jiang). The Landmark International Hotel is on the far left.

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