Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mt Kinabalu Climbathon 2011 (4)

This is the final album from ChooTS (aka Tuna Bluefin), focus on Men's Open Category of Mt KK Climbathon 2011 that was held on Sunday, 23 Oct 2011.

Do click here for photos (Album 4) courtesy of ChooTS.

 Kilian Jornet 2:37.04s - The Champion of the toughest mountain race 2011

 Marco Gasperi (+44 sec) - First Runner Up

 The top runners of Mt KK Climbathon 2011 - Kilian Jornet (middle), Marco Gasperi (right), Luis Alberto (left)

 Yeah! I made it !!

 Lots of sweat, training, committment and determination to get the medals

 Yeah! When I grow up, I want to be like my daddy man!

 Less pounding to the legs ... Kilian trying out the smoother terrain ... :-)

 Colourful costume in the folk dances

 Graceful and effortless movement

We conclude the Mt KK Climbathon 2011 outings with a stroll at the beach for sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach.

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