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Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik

Sharon crossing the stream in style ... in the safe hands of yours truly (KC in orange) and an orang asli.
All photos are by courtesy of WENG, who is also part of the team member for the Mount Fuji Japan trekking on 26 July 2010.
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A main group photo before the start of trekking trip. This morning (Saturday, 3 July 2010) , it was gloomy and the sky seems to pour any moment. However, it was a dry day superb for trekking. As of today, Sunday, 4 July, it was raining heavily at 11:00 a.m. So we were very lucky to avoid the rain. Nevetheless, there isn't any blue sky as compared to the previous trip ... click here.

In single file passing by the orchard

Lots of blood ... Tee's legs after the leech attack while resting at the peak of Gunung Nuang

Kelly Hoh (with hair band) and her trekker friends

Patricia posing with the signature sign at the peak of G. Nuang

In training for the Mount Fuji Japan trekking (26 July 2010), Weng carried one huge watermelon weighing almost 9km. Of course, we get to eat the juicy fruit. Thaks to Weng for the effort.

A group photo at the peak of G. Nuang
Jason Thiang's friends

Weng with his newly bought watch - Casio ProTrek 110 - for use when trekking to Mount Fuji Japan

With Karen Seah's (second from left; in black T-shirt) group. While our team arrive at the peak from the Southface of G.Nuang, they summit from Northface ... :-)

At the waterfall

Guided by the paper trail set by ChooTS, Chiew Hong, Ronnie, the groups arrived safely back to the waterfall in different time
Part of the team waiting at the carpark (just before crossing the first stream) after the trekking trip

Finally, after a hard day's trekking trip (from 9am to 5pm), it is time for a rewarding dinner. This dinner is partly sponsor by WongFK's farmer friend, Mr. Foong, who live here at Kampung Bukit Tinggi. This table is the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon group.
Front (L-R): Jason Thiang (yellow) and friends, Peck Yah, Chin
Back: Patricia, Tee, SC Yong, ...
Kelly Hoh's trekker friends
Front (L-R): ... Tan, Beh, Ngoh
Back: Vince, ... Jason Lee, Kelly Hoh, ...
This is the Mount Fuji Japan trekking group.
Front (L-R): Yee Choi, ChooTS, Pei Ling, JosephBack: PK Chan, Weng, Chiew Hong, Sharon Tan, Jayne Aw, Ronnie, ... WongFK, yours truly (KC).
To be continued ... the photo album (for enlarged and clearer photos)
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