Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Japan Super GT 2010 Malaysia (3)

Lots of people at the starting grid for the start procedures
This posting is about start procedures and the Toyota Yaris and Vios race

The drivers

Please click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC)

Click here for Album 4 - Start Procedures

Click here for Album 5 - Toyota Yaris and Vios race

With the cameras rolling, it has to be tuned secretely

Most spectators only come on Sunday, 20 June, the actual race

The colourful Toyota TRD Vios (Toyota Race Development)

The colourful Toyota Yaris and Vios race was really keng cheong (exciting). Though they travel silently (noise comparison with the deafening roar of GT cars), they produced lot of screeching sound when negotiating the sharp corner at the Tower end of the grandstand. At one point, four Toyota Vios were seen out of control and crashed against one another much to the excitement of the spectators. These Toyota TRD (Toyota Racing Development) version cars could cost RM 100,000 each – costly hobby.

Toyota Yaris

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