Sunday, June 13, 2010

FRIM Training

Pre-activity briefing by TonyQ

A group photo before the training

Brunch in FRIM (stalls are located at the far end of the park). Delicious nasi lemak with reasonable price. R-L: Pek Yah, Sharon, Pei Ling and friend, Chiew Hong, TonyQ, LimFW, Yee Choi, SC Yong ... KC not in photo.

This mini trail at FRIM has all the necessary requirements in training for climbathon challenge: the gradual uphill and downhill, and a flat off-road track. On Saturday 12 June, 25 runners/trekkers came for the training in preparing for the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon (on 23 Oct).

The air in the FRIM forest is fresh, full of greens and devoid of any traffic. Instead of the car horns, there is one bird that echoed quite loud in the forest with the repeatable "1 dollar 30 cents" (yat kau sam kok in Cantonese) sound.

With trail running, one has to be alert all the time to ensure that every step is a good landing. One interesting observation is that one would sweat a lot compared to running on roads. Not only that the body is totally drenched with sweat, even the socks are wet too.

According to plan, the training should last for 2.5 hours. But after looping for about 6 laps (about 1.5 hours), I could only meet a few of the runners/trekkers. Even when I did a reverse loop in the trail, I also could not see them. So I decided to go for a bigger loop – the extended loop to the car park. Okay, I saw a few have already called it a day for their training.

The New Balance off-road running shoes performed well with good traction and cushioning. There was no sign of skid even though the ground is slippery. click here for previous posting.

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