Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gunung Kutu

Most of the Mount Fuji Japan team members were going for an extra trekking trip to Gunung Kutu, Kuala Kubu Baru on Saturday 10 July 2010 in anticipation of tougher climb at Mt Fuji.
Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Chiew Hong, one of the Mt Fuji team members.

A no-risk river crossing (Pei Ling, Alexis, ChooTS and PK Chan)

L-R: Yee Choi, PK Chan, ChooTS, Pei Ling, Alexis, Gary Chin , Weng and Chiew Hong. Barry Kwan holding camera.

Posing at the huge rock area

Obstacle course ... Alexis, Barry and Pei Ling

At the peak of G. Kutu... this is the ruin of a man's dream to build a bunglow high in the mountain

The chimney

Another group of trekkers

Pei Ling with the yow yeng pose

Looks like acting in History & Discovery movie
Pointers by Alexis -- Gunung Kutu will remind me of these:
1) Chiew Hong and his stove for hot drinks
2) Gary and his injured finger which was treated by Dr Yee. That's the only moment you see an Ultraman making sooooo much noise to have a torn removed from his finger by another Ultraman.
3) The mini-bar at the end of the session by the river set up by Weng's Cafe with yummy "guai lin gou" and various types of drinks for all ages
4) the nice place for dinner (dunno the name) recommended by Chiew Hong and Barry .... miss the tomyam fish

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