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Mountain and Water

Chinese paintings by courtesy of Jayne Aw - Part 3

Wondered where on earth is this place? It looks This was sent by someone with a nice name of "The Purple Romance". When I first saw it, I couldn't take my eyes off it and got immersed in the misty purple dawn. So there I was, holding on to my brush and starting to splash ink and colors layer after layer onto the paper. And the outcome is....

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茫茫白雾迷,淡淡 紫花香。

... my Chinese brush painted version of "The Purple Romance", completed with a pond and purple blooms. My fellow painting mate asked me why I did not add a couple to the painting since this is about romance. I smiled and said "they are already in it...." In Chinese brush painting, one does not attempt to paint all before one's eyes but leave it to the viewer's imagination.
九寨沟 的春天
最近去了一趟九寨沟, 就让沟里面美丽的景色给迷住了。 手中握着的毛笔,随心写意而挥,不知不觉 挥出了九寨沟 里灿烂的美景。。。远方是白的发亮 的雪山, 半坡上堆积着开始溶化的雪, 还有湖中清澈见底的水 和岸上盛开着的梅花,告诉大家春天已经悄悄来临了。。。
Spring in Jiuzhaigou
I went to Jiuzhaigou recently and was enthralled by its beauty. It was an early spring but I got to see a glimpse of winter season as snow was still aplenty. Brought home with me was a myriad of awe-inspiring sceneries of Jiuzhaigou. So even when I did my painting, somehow or another, it would lead to a part of Jiuzhaigou.Standing afar was a distant mountain covered with blinding white snow, with melting ice making its way down the gullies. The lake reflects a multiple hues of emerald green, cobalt blue and turquoise, with full blooms of plum blossoms at the bank that signaled the arrival of spring……
Autumn scene in Jiuzhaigou is even more breathtaking with rich colours of yellow, orange, red to purple dotting the mountain slopes, the reflection of which over the lake, resembles a grand ballroom full of graceful dancers.
群山环抱, 唯我独尊。

喜欢看山喜欢看水,所以我选择爬山。慕名黄山的景色已久, 就是还没有机会到那儿一游。所以就自我掏醉在画中。还在等侯一班舍命陪君子的同好。和我到黄山一齐共观云海。


I like mountains and waters, so most of my paintings ended up with mountains and waters. In Chinese these are referred to as “Shan-Shui”.

Chinese artist does not learn painting by stripping off a woman (or a man for that matter…..) to draw her anatomy. He will escape to the mountains to observe the myriad forms of nature, the trees, rocks, clouds and waterfall in order to paint them. The retreat to the mountains is a search for calm and harmony which are often depicted in most of the Chinese Shan-Shui paintings.
I enjoy my moment of solitude while painting. That is when I could free my thought. Huang Shan has been a great source of inspirations since time immemorial to poets, painters, nature lovers and even the recent movie of Avatar….
This is an abstract style of "Shan-Shui" painting, with the forest behind and a cluster of rocks in front. In between, a stream cuts through and ends at a fall. However on second look, the stream looks more like mountain clouds entwining the rocks and encircling the forest. Erm....actually I wasn't sure what I was drawing. But that doesn't matter, what matters most is the freedom of strokes and the expression of calm and harmony.


If you can’t change the mountain, change the road;

If you can’t change the road, change the person;

If you can’t change the person, change your thought.

This is a traditional style of Chinese Shan-Shui painting as contrasting to the earlier two which are more of abstract painting. At times I wondered if I was learning Chinese brush painting or modern art painting.



Lotus is like a noble gentleman, grows out of muddy water but is not contaminated by it. Chinese artists and poets love it for its beauty and purity. It is viewed most during its full blooms in the summer by sitting next to the pond enjoying a cup of good Chinese tea.


Pine Tree Trail in Fraser’s Hill is one of my favourite trails with its cool and refreshing climate. This photo was taken during my first trekking in 2008. It was an early morning at 7.30am and the forest was enveloped in dense mist. It must have rained the previous night. My first feeling when stepping into the forest was “Narnia….ish”. But then the evil White Witch has long gone, so I have added some colours to the forest……



Peony is regarded as the “king of flowers”. With its rich colours and petal, it is the symbol of rich and happy man. It is one that most Chinese family would like to have as a symbol of prosperity. I will certainly keep this one for myself.

Christmas in Chinese Brush Painting

East meets west. Someone did ask me before if some of my paintings are of oil paintings. Like what Forest Gump’s mum told him, ”Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.”; painting too, is like a box of chocolates, full of surprises…….
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