Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hon You – The Photographer

On Saturday 2 a.m. (31 May 2008) a group of relatives and friends gathered at KLIA to bid farewell to Hon You. He would be going to Liverpool, UK for about six months to complete his degree. He pursues a course in B.Sc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems. After that, he will spend another 1.5 years to pursue his Master.
The photographers - HonYou and Jason Lee

So, we miss one young photographer for taking photos of runners in action. Nevertheless, if time is permissible, he would probably take those runners in UK. And we get to see the photos from his weblog. Click at URL link on the left sidebar.

Here is wishing him a successful completion in his study. CHEERS !!

Photos below are by courtesy of Jason Lee.
xWith Steven P5, HonYou, Weng and Jason Lee

HonYou and Raymond

HonYou's cousin sister from Singapore and HonYou's nephew

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