Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Trek & Tour Agent of Nepal

This is the most friendly, good manners and caring tour operator that I have ever met – who treat you, the customer, like a friend. Together with his dedicated, committed and hardworking team of trekking crew, they make a winning team.
Yours truly at Mr. Cheban's (pronounce as shi-wan) office in Kathmandu (capital of Nepal)

I am referring to Mr. Cheban, the boss of Mt. Manaslu Adventure Treks Ltd. -- the trek and tour agent of my recent Cho La Pass trip in Nepal. In my trip, his group of trekking crew consisted of a main mountain guide (Mr. Rum), second mountain guide (Mr. Kumar), Pani and Rai as the two porters. Note: There are other crew members for other trips.

For a trek and tour company that is professionally managed, there was a briefing to our group of trekkers at his office after we had arrived at Kathmandu on 23 May 2007. In that part of the country, presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and LCD projector was not necessary. Together with the mountain guides (yes, they have been waiting for us at the office), they briefed us enthusiastically the overview of the treks. While sipping over cups of milk tea, our doubts were answered by them with eased.

After the briefing, we walked around the Kathmandu area doing some last minutes purchases of the warm clothing. There are many shops there selling a host of items related to trekking and mountain climbing. The most prominent brand is North Face – with original and imitation versions that cater for one's budget. With Rum around, bargaining of prices was quite easily done. Recognizing that there was a local with us, the vendors charged quite reasonable prices. In the evening, Mr. Cheban treated us to a dinner savouring the local cuisine.

The best time to go trekking in Nepal is in May and October due to fine weather. If you are captivated by viewing those photos taken by me and Jean (please scroll down the postings) showing scenic landscapes, and are interested to go trekking there, you may want to take a look at Mr. Cheban’s company website:


Or if you would like, email him direct to inquire the treks that you are interested:

Well-earned Certificate
Yeah, this is my certificate for completing the 17-day trek at Cho La Pass, Nepal. It is a well-earned (or hard-earned) award considering that I lost 4 kg in this strenuous trip. This will be my record to scale up to 5,400 meters above sea level without any headache (sign of high altitude sickness). I will framed it up and proudly display it – my maiden and memorable long-haul, overseas trekking trip.

I will organize my next trip to Annapurna in Nepal again (different location and trek) in early May next year through Mr. Cheban. Currently, I am liaising with him to determine the detail trek, duration and cost. If you are interested to come, please let me know.

Fellowship of Trekkers

As TanAB said: “The growing sentiment of most trekkers who have been to Nepal is that they will go back again and again.” Well, I totally agree with him after I have successfully completed my maiden journey – running is additive; so is trekking.TanAB running in New Balance - Pacesetters 15km run on 20 May 2007. Photo was taken by Jason Lee using Nikon D80 SLR. His muscular body is developed with months of training in preparation for Mount Aconcagua.

TanAB is a Pacesetters runner. He has been trekking to Gokyo (almost the same trek) one month before I reached there. I actually read his notes where he penned on a guest book in Gokyo – the same lodge.

He has been training to scale Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. Standing at 7,000 meters above sea-level, it is the highest summit in the western hemisphere. Any taker?



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