Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gold Coast Marathon

Gold Coast Marathon, Australia – Sunday 1 July 2007

By Moira

“A great race!” can be said with the broadest of smiles at the end of our half marathon race in Gold Coast! Fantastic organization, a flat and fast course AND the bonus of a very scenic route, cool weather and plenty of sunshine from the sunshine state of Queensland, friendly runners, great local community support which is the icing on the cake - what else can I say? Just let the pictures snapped along the way tell the story!

At the start of the half marathon at 6.30 am – the runner in the singlet does not betray that my fingers are actually shaking at 8 degrees Celsius – what are these Aussies made of?????

Boom! And the race is started – here I am chasing the wrong pacesetter (sub 2.00) !! (pacesetters are provided for various time groups and they are accurate to the T! They are also great encouragers along the way!)

The sun is slowly but surely creeping up about 20 minutes into the race!

Here we are along the Esplanade near the half marathon turn. Note that we are running alongside rivers and islands that are linked by bridges.

Tuck giving a happy smile after the half marathon turn and admiring the waters and scenic route!

2 ladies all dressed up for their run!

2 musicians providing music along the route!

Route along the Marine Parade which will soon lead to an even more spectacular view!

The leading pack for the men’s full marathon – the winner Toyokazu Yoshimura (2:20.07) is the second runner (in sunglasses). Toyokazu had arrived in Gold Coast at midnight on Saturday around, 6 hours before the race. He credited his family who also came to support him for his success. Another Japanese Ayumi Hayashi won the women’s marathon in 2:33.22. Our friends from the land of the rising sun are the biggest foreign contingent totaling 1,500 runners in the various categories.

Ah! Reality and humility is realizing that we were chasing the wrong pacesetter at the start (sub 2.00) and Happiness is OVERTAKING the CORRECT pacesetter (sub 2:20) who can be seen behind me! This is the recovery area after the race.

Is this not a view to “die for” and to spur you on to finish your race? (view is taken from Marine Parade).

Moira - Photo taken of the Finish area.

Bragging rights after collecting the finisher’s T shirt and medals!

Well! There you have it – a short account of a VERY GOOD race. Want to find out more? Just log on to where the website is comprehensive for more information. Make Sunday 6.7.2008 your race date for next year where it will be the 30th anniversary of the Gold Coast marathon and the organizers have promised a bigger and better race!

By Moira


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