Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mulu Pinnacles Trip

Please click here to view photos taken by YeohSC.

Please click here to view photos taken by Gerard.

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A day to remember - 27 June 2007

Tony P3 (left), the Team Leader for this trip, is nearest to camera.

Joanne - posing in front of Mulu Cave

Millions of bats

Inside of Mulu cave

The profile of Abrahim Lincon in the Deer Cave

The team came complete with the Pacesetters Club banner

The expedition ...

The Penan displaying their products for sale

Francis -- Runner-cum-Tarzan ?

Gosh... the leech there is huge

Beautiful pitcher plant

Gerard Pereira - the photographer and Pacesetters Area Team Leader of Bukit Gasing

YeohSC - the photographer

Joanne, YeohSC, Lai Kuan and Jezamine

Chey, Tony and Sonny - The acid-green guys

Rewarding and satisfying smiles after all the tough climb

Jezamine at the entrance of Mulu National Park

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