Monday, December 04, 2006

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2006

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Without doubt, Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2006 was one of the best organized marathons. Everything was superbly carried out.

While maintaining the main structure of the course, the organizer changed most of the running route that give runners fresh experience when compared to 2005 or 2004.

The weather was superb with overcast sky which was most conducive for running marathon.

The water stations were aplenty. Most runners were worried that they over-drink in slowing them down.
There were many mobile toilets. Most of them are located just a stone's throw away from water stations.

PowerGel was generously distributed twice. I could recognize a few of the PowerBar guys were from Kuala Lumpur. They were so generous that you can take more than one, if you are not overly concerned with the extra weight of carrying them.

Good quality banana were distributed twice. Take any amount you like.

Never have I run a marathon that I drank and ate so much. I think I was pampered by the organizer.
I was a little disappointed with the availability of cheerleading teams. I think there were only five teams – including one team which was performed by kindergarten or Year 1 kids; another team which was performed by aunties.
I also was disappointed with my timing. Seven more kilometers to finishing line, I felt tiredness in my legs. I was running slowly -- the mind was wiling but the legs were failing. At the last 2km, my toes in my left foot began to cramp; I was forced to walk amid little running. My timing: 4 hours 22 minutes. I will try to improve my timing again in the next marathon.

Overall, it was fun running in the Singapore marathon.
Photos are by courtesy of WENG, who ran his marathon with a Nikon camera.


3088 Silver said...

congratulations!!!what more can i say

Tey said...


Congrate to your time..not bad liao..!!


Raymond Hee said...

Hey KC
Saw u at the east coast park,u were exceptionally incredibly fast!
Anyway,u hv the ability to run a sub 4hr so this around,just take it as a leisure run yeah.

KC said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks... :-)

Want to run Xiamen Marathon on 31 March 2007? TeyET, do you have the connection?