Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Great Run at Sungai Pelek

Blue sky and everything nice at Sungai Pelek town: This photo was taken in front of Chee Wee (Penguin-11) parent's week-end country retreat. When I left USJ Subang Jaya at 3:00 p.m on Saturday 25 November, it was already started raining. Weng and Rose were traveling with me. Driving along KLIA road en route to Sepang town, the convectional rain gained momentum and increased the intensity. Raining heavily at that moment could mean fine weather after the rain. Somewhere near Sepang, it was good to see the clear sky there.

A rare find by Weng within the bushes near Chee Wee parent's house.

Traffic light colour: Even the fruit here is of multi-colour.

Country road, take me home... Both sides of the road were grown with trees, grasses, and very little traffic which is ideal for running. The old Toyota of model KE20 behind Rose must be owned by the kampung folks there. One has to be alert on the look out not for traffic but avoid stepping on the cow dung. The main users of country road could be cows and goats.

The course leaded us running alongside the scenic Bagan Lalang beach. At about 5:45 p.m., there was slight tint of orange hue for the sunset. That was truly a different running experience. We returned via a different route surrounded by trees but which was totally deserted of vehicle. Total distance is about 13km.

A group photo: Yap, Lee, OngSL, Janelle, Siok Bee, Tony and Eric.

Admiring the senset: We were half hour behind schedule in our run. At 7:00 p.m., the sun has almost set. Rose posed for photographs as the impromptu model.

Seafood dinner by the shore: Tony, Weng, Eric, Chee Wee and KC. We could hear the waves hitting the shore instead of the normal music plays through audio system. We were very hungry and could not wait for a group photo of dishes that we ordered. The food here was much cheaper. Despite we ordered about eight dishes, it was only RM15 per person (inclusive of drinks).

All the pretty gals seated together: Yap, Janelle, OngSL, Siok Bee, Vivian and Rose.

At the jetty: After the sumptuous dinner, we strolled along the concrete jetty that extended about 200 meters into the sea. The walk helped in digestion. We could feel the sea breeze here amid the fishy smell.

Dragon fruit: We returned to Chee Wee parent's house to admire the flowers of dragon fruit in full bloom. According to Chee Wee, the flowers only open up at night.

Running there on Saturday 25 November was rather unplanned. We were supposed to run there after Singapore Marathon (on 3 December). It was a great run at a great place.
Chee Wee is planning another run soon. Yes, we shall come again: attracted by the peaceful country road, scenic beach and good seafood dinner.
Photos by courtesy of Weng, Eric and KC.


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